We are surrounded by a great SEA of Mind .. so says William Atkinson

And within this SEA swims the eggs and sperms that will eventually come together to become our thoughts

and so these thoughts can reproduce themselves being as they are within the SEA of the Mind

We are largely then what we have thought ourselves into being

And so we can give birth to being happy or being sad as we reflect on highlighted days like a Fathers Day of what we might have missed, not gotten, longed for, not said, did say to our fathers

altogether the choice is our which thoughts will be birthed

and even when birthed we have a choice to abort the thoughts and

adopt new ones that are healthy

Attune then your thoughts to

S successfulness

P positivity

E enthusiasm

R resilience

M momentum

or to your own individual SPERM

and make sure that you do all you can to maintain a healthy and high SPERM count so as to be able to birth the best possible reproductive thought WAVES over and over and over again 

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