It is natural to work hard to ensure our children have “shelter” of “a roof over their head” … but that is a HOUSE. And because children by virtue of their stage of developmental are quite vulnerable providing a HOME is equally important…. and often as a society we pay a might high price when little thought and action goes behind providing a home for our children

Home for the child is a place of emotional physical and spiritual safety

And where parents and guardians are concerned the act of providing a home is ongoing for our children…

One of our great unspoken tragedies that often occurs within and or around the home environment is that of sexual abuse with our girls and boys now being almost equally at risk .. our focus needs to always be on two things;

keeping the home safe emotionally physically and spiritually for the child

moving to remove anyone or anything that presents emotion physical or spiritual harm or else get the child to a place of safety

As parents we remain human .. if or when any shadow aspect of our humanity threatens our safety it is for us to search out help to better our selves and or even protect our children from that shadow 

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