Well here we are concluding another 12 month cycle. Whether we do it openly or not we generally do a little reflection of how things went.

Here’s a question…. Did you simply Blend In for 2017?

Blend In=looked around noted what everyone else is doing, the paths everyone else is taking and then jumping on board one of those…well if we did that photo above just about sums it up; 

  • We are hardly motivated to get out of bed…because everyday is same ole same ole repeated pattern
  • We begin to look like our walls… alive but not really alive to life and all we might be able to embrace and enjoy
  • We restrict ourselves to one little area and think and behave as if that is the World instead of opening up to learn, try new experiences

For 2018 what if we create kindness?

Why to ourselves of course. Kindness created to and for ourselves happen when;

  • We decide to blend in #no more….and really tune into ourselves and what we want
  • We decide to blend in #nomore ….as we actually move beyond talk and take action to go after what we want
  • We decide to blend in #nomore…when we keep respecting our uniqueness and our intuition and use it to make decisions

Sure it’s a New Year tomorrow but tomorrow only comes when we choose change today



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