We have a relationship to just about everything and everyone in some way….

One of our most impacting relationships is the one we develop with life & living…

A very common approach to life & living is ….

Survival MODE

And this some say is the thing we inherited from our ancestors who were more exposed to the wild and had to always be on the alert for that approaching tiger….

Yes, yes true enough with all the news and things happening around us most of us feel that we are still operating in the wild where we must always be ready to ‘fight’ or ‘flight’

But thing is that this relationship to life and living causes us to just hit the bear minimum and expect just that… “swphwee! survived another day!”

And of course we do need to survive, literally…

But we really put ourselves in an even better position when we work toward thriving … going beyond in our thoughts and working toward more than simply getting through the job today, getting through taking care of the children or whatever it is we have to attend to

SMART Thriving 

smart thriving is when we work to find purpose in every single thing that we do… no matter how insignificant it might seem… we look for the meaning that it has for us and or for someone else we might care for or want to help or support in some way…that way we

+ joy + peace +energy + resilience +positivity and most of all we +the chances of attracting more than simply the bare essentials

It’s 2018 and we were all Born To Thrive

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