We live in a World that has now given us the hard core raw ingredients for the…

Making Of Mathematics Men….

Who or what are MATHEMATICS men?

Let us begin with a disclaimer of what it is not… it is not an attack on Mathematics as a subject or science of study ..it is not an attack on the Mathematics teacher, lecturer, or genius student and it is most definitely not gender specific, man here refers to mankind…

so what is it?..

Our Mathematics Men….

are those men and women who are convinced that the creation of the times have now made them masters in the understanding and prediction of the behaviour of any human target and so have allowed for these men and women to create the desired outcomes sought of like an unbeatable chess player who is always 10 to the power of infinity times ahead….

what are the creation of the times?

oh …

  • spyware
  • GPS
  • cellphones
  • CCTV
  • social media profiles

These creations and more have created stalkers have created the partners who track their spouses or partners every move and feel safety because they consider themselves as having the raw materials to work it all out …that is make their calculations for their next moves and ten more moves ahead of that..

what is the raw material they get from their gadgets?


But what these mathematics men do is fail their exam over and over…


because the test they give is rigged?


because the person taking the test… has the freedom to …

  • interpret the test as they like
  • respond as they choose to the test even if they know the right answer
  • falsify their responses to give a desired outcome based on their own agenda….

harsh reality for our Mathematics Men….

living is an art as much as a science and people are artists as well as scientists…. so while our Mathematics men go hard  and boldly review all the information gathered and declare… “I know your next move”…

the artist has already recreated the scenery within the Mathematics Men exist…If you are one of those Mathematics Men struggling with matters of power and control in relationships or if someone you know has that struggle of over clinginess even to the point of stalking a partner encourage them to learn the art of living and move forward with a more balanced understanding of life .. log on   https://karryon.privacemail.com/



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