Dear Positive Psychology People, 

Our greatest fear is not living! Let us get this clear, not the inevitable of death and dying that we know comes at some point, no the choice of existence versus living fully.

Positive Psychology People live courageous;

  • we dare to accept life with all it offers to us and that includes the reality that we are given a gift with limits and one of them is death…because we get that
  • we dare to love …for as Mahatma Ghandi put it “where there is love there is life!” so as positive psychology people our lives are filled with love … love of some purpose …love of people…love of the present…love of …. and because of that
  • we dare to live a life of thanksgiving…everyday every moment is a gift of some sort and so our thoughts, our attitudes, our behaviours reflect a thankfulness for the little things in each moment
  • we dare to forgive because the reality of death motivates us to not want to move burdened
  • we dare though to not forget what experiences taught us but to learn for we know that life is purposeful and understanding too its limited we strive to draw what we can from the experiences
  • we dare then to live and share and support for we realize that like it or not there is a part of all who have passed this way before that would live on in some shape or form through another

So because we accept death…as positive psychology people we die a little with each experience…

let me explain….In her song Taylor Swift says ‘the old Taylor Swift is dead’ …and as Positive Psychology People we are always dying to old habits and being reborn to new habits…dying to ancient viewpoints and being reborn into new paradigms…and it goes on and on….

Are you a Positive Psychology Person?… or are you one who does not dare to live because of the fear of death…in other words being afraid to try and succeed and be happy because of a fear that something must go wrong and take it all away…what many don’t know is that is actually the fear of death showing itself in another form …. related sessions @ 

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