Learning of the passing of Dr James Jim Vuocolo my mentor and trainer for life coaching seems only fitting to honor his contribution to my workout;

What workout?

The first workout was the why…why after investing time in training to become a therapist even consider life coaching…. because;

  • life is a cyclical continuing and sure sometimes we as people might benefit from some good old therapy and healing of all sorts but then there are times when we are ready for action
  • many of us get stuck in wishing, stuck in strategics and never move forward never #pressforprogress
  • there is a process which has proven to work and it knows no bounds for age, race, ethnicity or clime
  • #lifecoaching completes the life package and as a therapist there is the other hand waiting to complete the applaud so to speak…for even after healing the next task is actually to move forward
  • there is accountability…it is about results
  • it is a gift to the Universe each time anyone anywhere realizes their unique potential in any area of their life

And it was evident that Dr. Vuocolo walked the talk….thankful we met….

#lifecoaching http://www.lifecoachtraining.com/available @ https://karryon.privacemail.com/


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