Yes International Women’s Day once more! Last year we were #beingboldforchange and now in 2018 as we think of gender parity we are going to #pressforprogress

Okay so let’s press….

but wait…

Lemme take a #selfie … a gender selfie!

Our Gender Selfies

It’s hard  to #pressforchange when as soon as I’m finished being particular to get dressed for work my ladyfriend just finished breaking the internet with her biographical demonstration of how babies might be made… 

It’s hard to #pressforchange when the new hit song shows others little me shaking my tail feather…or is it that we are asking for 


Yes Gender parity when the men we meet and are to negotiate with in the Board room do not appreciate that if heterosexual then its a similar form such as ours that they would take to the bedroom

how do we expect them to keep a straight face? or is it we want more of these board room men to increase there rate of compartmentalizing the images that just broke the internet….


sure just as soon as fellow ladies stop making a spectacle of ourselves and waging sexual wars on each other to get our piece of steak man…

it might be just a little hard for our men to comprehend how this accomplished modern day woman keeps going back to basics of the P we would not mention and we are not talking about P for Pay or P for Property because remember we are saying that many of us are already getting paid and even have properties its the number of us and the comparative rates…yet we seem in so many ways to be getting our P’s confused…

so please be not surprised if we as a community of ladies do not take stock of ourselves that our great great great grands might also be #pressingforprogress … if only we can #proceedpastP***y&P***sPolitics!

Happy International Women’s Day!

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