Dear Positive Psychology People, 

We are in the DIGITAL AGE also a part of the INFORMATION AGE…

so what do you think is a big ?


The answer got 3 steps:

  1. M.I. 

Manage Information…we have so much information coming at us from everywhere and anywhere….so for some it works against them because they are being pushed and pulled every which way

A Positive Psychology Person makes things into strengths…so we know we have lots of information and we begin to get MILK by

Managing Information

  1. M.I.

Cool so now the information you want is there…this is the age of stalking and snooping…we want to know..because we…then what

A Positive Psychology Person when they get information recognize it is currency like money and so then begin to master they might connect it to information they had before or get some more information and create understanding… that way we get MILK that is best for

Master Information

  1. L.K.

What is the point of having information, understanding the information and doing nothing…opps or then sharing it or hastaging it ..really?

A Positive Psychology Person now considers how can my understanding of this information benefit myself and others, and my community, how might it be used to serve others to solve a problem to shed new light on a situation


Leverage Knowledge  

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