Enjoying an exercise walk this morning and almost completing our walk we noticed a DOG approaching…

Now of course we are both there wondering…

Who let the DOGS out?  

Looking up there is this cute uncle-grandpa like aged man and a quite fluffy fierce full-figured DOG…

So now you understand the name of this Blog?

But seriously how often do we stay there wondering …

Who let the DOGS out?

It might be some





And let’s be real here unless we are

Nancy Drew ….or

Sherlock Holmes

Is there really a need to know?…..

Or would our efforts be better placed on …

dealing with the matter

opening ourselves to explore available supporting resources

getting professional advice or support if required

securing a solutionhttp://www.barrywinbolt.com/solution-focused-thinking/

Have a Great Day!

and just reminding 24/7 access for #onlinetherapy or #lifecoaching and we use #livechat @ https://karryon.privacemail.com/

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