So when it comes to athletics its easy to appreciate the need to stay in your lane….

When it comes to everyday life though some of us do find it hard to …..”stay in our lane” simply because we are ….


Being addicted to helping might be the result of being deeply empathetic so we truly can in a very real way enter into the experiences of another…

But even so when we find it hard to STAY IN OUR LANE especially when there was no sign that the person desires help….then is it really about the other or about some need within us?

Being addicted to helping might be the result of a deep need to always be needed…and so we seek out opportunities to cross lanes…we find ourselves most times attracted to people who are more like projects

Getting D.Q.

In athletics we can get D.Q. or disqualified

In life we can find ourselves experiencing high stress levels if we don’t ask that Deeper Question….what makes it so hard to


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