From day 1 and building slowly and slowly Mr. Adan seeks to build his sense of security in the relationship…and of course feeling secure in one’s relationship is not a bad thing in and of itself…however….

Adan Mother-May-I gets his sense of security when he is sure that he has a partner who would behave as he desires and as Mother would approve and he knows but one sure way of making this happen…

Bit by Bit he begins to find ways to

Minus Control from his partner and Add that Control to him…

so a partner with Mr. Adan Mother-May-I would find that slowly the activities that would provide some sort of independence or ‘real’ choice is slowly taken away…not in a demanding way least not at first or if unnecessary but simply through a suggestion here, a request there or even a little manipulation or guilt-tripping …and often the partner realizes only later that it was all in an attempt to have them become more easily agreeable to ALL incoming requests and or suggestions…..

If you do find yourself with a Mr. Adan Mother-May-I  ..until or unless these behaviours no longer help reduce tensions…they more than likely will continue…it is for any partner then to decide whether the C- (Control Minus) works for them …. 


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