Man or woman or child some of us are daily making ourselves into  Ant Man…. we wake and we put on our Ant Man suit….

we have been bitten by that ANT …we watched it, we played with it and we knew it would happen and it did, we were bit by



Thought….. and everybody knows ANTs move in groups so soon enough one ANT led to




Syndrome…..and the more we practice being Ant Man  the more our biology changes and soon enough we would not need to even wake and put on our suit …we become the soon…and so we say ..we are

down in the dumps

feeling sad

feeling fed up

feeling depressed


and helpless….it all started with one ANT….

They say there is some real science behind the Ant Man film, the new one 

I cannot say yeah or nah..but I can tell you as a therapist that there is a real science to monitoring



Thought….. simply recognize that it is a thought..and let it come and go…and respond by




Positive……that positive thing can be an action…like snap ourselves with a rubber band, a phrase like “rewind” that reminds us to think a new thought more in keeping with reality and/or that is more positive, listen to positive music, or do something that relaxes us…

so whether you are going to watch

Be sure to watch your Positive Psychology ….Ant Man and Wasp….and if need be we can watch it with you

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