Teacher Appreciation Week, 

quick bring out the # and go tweet

Tweet not about Miss or Sir

Tweet about the greatest teacher ever to stir,

The teacher that we often take for granted and ignore

Though this teacher continues to teach us lessons evermore

This teacher is not other than life,

who many of us repay with greed, anger, hate, resentment and strife

But if we were to truly have a teacher appreciation week

And have our life take a seat

We would honour our life with a …

Thank you for teaching me wisdom,

Thank you for skills, attitudes and opportunities to love, live and grow

Thank you even for the lessons and the classes that I did not want to go

Thank you not this week but every darn day…that throughout my life I do not remain the same way but with you as my teacher I can grow from strength to strength….so tell me what is there ever to resent?

Life Appreciation Working daily makes living gratitude our law!

Celebrating the greatest teacher of them all!     

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