Dr. Carol Dweck got straight to the point….

we eventually choose our Mindset as we approach situations, relationships or life in general

Our Mindset decides how we think about challenges and change…

Growth Mindset…..“A mistake is valuable if you do four things with it: recognize it, admit it, learn from it, forget it.” ― John Wooden 

That is easy because the growth mindset views qualities as always in process with the potential for improvement, so mistakes are not failures but opportunities to do better

Fixed Mindset… some are bright/some are dumb, you are either good at it or not, protect people’s perceptions of your talents/gifts…

The fixed mindset puts us under constant stress, especially with how quickly information is shared now, we are always protecting our turf, even when or if …1) it is not necessary or 2) protecting our turf means denying ourselves a future bigger benefit

We become obsessed with getting it right, over getting better and better…

Great news!  We can Fix Our Life…by learning how to work in the growth mindset where we appreciate that we are all a work in progress and so we need not be afraid to suck! 


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