Teacher Appreciation Week…

let us be honest shall we…its really more like lecturer appreciation week,

for our World filled with focus on fame and glory, neglect the beginning phases and focus on the end where we read of the success story,

So the higher the schooling time, the more we praise and let that teacher/lecturer shine,

Yet how ironic it is, that the first two years makes a difference between a resilient child, an emotionally at risk child and one with the full potential to be a wiz, the first 7 years the personality has some solid traits that will basically play a big part in working toward future grades

Yet we focus on the big and often forget the small or reverse the idea of the contributing factor to the child potential

So this Teacher Appreciation Week how about we seek to really discover how children develop and the great significance of the fact that we walk only after we creep and if you have a little one that is quite small, do not wait until later to really pick up the ball simply to be focused on seeing his/her name on that wall, for by the time they hit 9 and 10 and beyond the ground work has a lot to do with what is or is not going on….

Happy Teachers Week to one and all and especially to those who work with the #small

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