There are some challenges…that are easy as pie

There are some challenges where we try and try

There are some challenges…..

some challenges are not the one and done

some challenges are not nice not fun…

It is then we learn that Eating Elephants Fast Feeds Frustration

so How do you eat an elephant? …. one bite at a time…

the idea is whether we are dealing with a habit we want to end, a challenge in a relationship, learning a new skill/behaviour, or dealing with something in the workplace, etc. etc….

sometimes we need to learn that it is like an elephant  

AND so we reduce our frustration when we can ….

move forward very slowly…. and appreciating small sometimes minute/tiny victories…and #keepgoing….focusing on the tiny progress made instead of how much farther there is to go…. and keep focusing on the #now with that feeling of gratitude

Other Option

keep trying to….

Eat that Monkey Fast …. & Feed Frustration…

and possibly even threaten our peace..and mental wellbeing



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