Dressed in yellow ready to support Brazil….

Backing Brazil in that first half they did not disappoint….

But as a Sports Talking Therapist….

what we can take from that match was this..

What an Attractive Australia team! sure there might have been the foul here and there, but for that team to come back in the second half and equalize meant….  

  • they had great #carryon …remained disciplined and focused even when things were not going there way
  • they had to have positive self-talk that remembered their own value, skills and ability in the face of a team that was bettering them in the moment
  • and as the commentator said in the match….”the Aussie team can play but they must learn to stop other teams from playing” … no doubt they studied their challengers and moved accordingly

Not sure what colour would be the choice for the next match…but sure to remain the Sports Talking Therapist as World Cup 2018 continues because with each match there is so much we can learn about how to #carryon on and off the field http://www.karryonservices.com/blog/

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