Mexico marched on the field…understanding their Brazilian team…strong defense, working that 4 33 formation, 2 on 1 when it mattered, keeping Neymar @t bay…they looked great out there for a well deserved flat 45-minute first half… 0-0

#carryontip understand the task..the challenge and strategize!

But even so what was evident was when Brazil took the shot @t that goal they held a better focus… #carryontip feed that focus..anyone then Brazil now holds the Record for the most goals scored @t the World Cup…yep!

Brazil throughout this competition has been showing up on the field better and better … #carryontip don’t just move… move forward learning from the past…

and this seemed to work well for Brazil, who attacked, defended when need be,  and were nicely insync…leading to two goals…

William first running that ball and finding a well-positioned Neymar for that first goal… #carryon tip keep observant and partner/team up to make things happen… and to Neymar’s credit he did so later serving to Firmino 

#carryon tip remain versatile!

So we look forward now to Brazil and Belgium

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