Once upon a time in the sport of track and field, 

No one thought a tall man, outstanding results could yield,

They said it required a certain type of ground contact and turn over rate,

And the height of the tall man would make him reach the finish late,

But then came this guy called Usain,

He made everyone think again,

in fact so much so these sporting Docs were looking for a theory,

as to how ‘the big man’ could get results like sub-10 in a 100-m race, how scary….

GREAT track and field career he had now retired…https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/20/sports/olympics/usain-bolt-stride-speed.html

This sportsman showed us in life a thing or two that’s required…

If you feel yourself drawn to a particular task, 

don’t begin with “can’t” instead search out how to make it possible, find support, ASK…https://karryon.privacemail.com/

when we seek a way, then there we would find, a method/a will/a system/a different approach/or some combination

to get that dream/desire/task done…

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