Getting a GOLD at any Olympics 1976 or otherwise is no small feat…it takes a sort of rugged determination… so guess we would think a male a sportsman who does that is even more ‘rugged’ than your average male…. but was it true of Bruce
Far from…anytime we Give Out Limited Definitions of ourselves to others by our words/actions there is nothing ‘rugged’ or brave about what we are saying/doing/or being in that moment…
So how then do we really reach the goal …THE GOAL of..
Living as our authentic self and creating our individual authentic life is the only way we really go for gold in this life we have been given…
but it takes a ‘rugged’ determination to hear the naysayyers, to hear the criticisms, the jeers and keep going… keep going because it is we who must be able to live with the choices we make and find peace with those choices each and every day…
And whether we agree with transgender persons, idea or not, whether we consider it immoral or unholy, the fact is those persons are being true to their authentic selves…
and there it is that it remains the same for each and everyone of us, whatever that thing might be…we get gold when…we
Discrimination ………… rule our lives
For those who might care to know … people like Bruce choose to become Caitlyn because of what is known as 
Gender dysphoria feeling distressed because the sex they had at birth and the gender they experience themselves as, do not match.
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