Buzz like a butterfly, sting like a bee, yep that’s Muhammad Ali, the man who brought class, consciousness, critical thinking to the boxing ring…

What would have contributed to such sporting success?… its partly motivation, passion, interest but more so the deep pleasure he got from his sport and from feeling out his opponents and defeating them ….

How is this linked to Dopamine?

Dopamine is that chemical in the brain that is associated with expecting pleasure…..

So we could say that during Muhammad Ali’s career he would have had a healthy does of dopamine circulating through his brain….

What links Dopamine to Addictions?

Dopamine plays a huge part in motivating effort and persistence because we are expecting to get pleasure from something….and what drugs do is leave lots of dopamine in the brain…so it is sought again and again and again…

Do you think after each match Muhammad Ali would have had a fair amount of dopamine in his brain at the next fight and possibly with each win and anticipation of another fight more dopamine again…

Retirement/Slowing our Pace and link to withdrawal 

What happens then to sportsmen like Muhammad Ali when the season of boxing fights are gone? 

Well he got PARKINSON’S as is well known…guess what that is linked with …low levels of Dopamine

The addict treats himself/herself by using dopamine levels to seek out that drug again and again…

But a retired sportsman is just that retired…and if/when we do not find a way to now adapt our energies/find ways to derive pleasure in some new way using our skills and talents we threaten our balance….

 by possibly messing with all the related ‘happy hormones’ and chemicals in our brains that might show up in lots of different ways… no wonder then sometimes ‘aging’ persons turn to being a closet alcoholic or get that ‘Harley’ motorbike….

Living life with passion and purpose is not an age thing..its a living thing and once blessed with life the task is ours to keep motivated and discover our sources of pleasure in healthy and new ways….

#lifecoaching all about collaborating with a #lifecoach to craft our desired future life/vision/goals in one or more areas of life… 

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