Movies like Music reflect life and our society. And our music comes out of our society. So when it comes to looking at our music videos and thinking that they….

Keep Endorsing Social Stereotypes

It becomes a case of which comes first…the chicken or the egg? If certain types of interactions happen in life, then does the music really endorse it or is it that musicians get their inspiration from life and then the music videos….

Keep Exercising Social Scenes

so the music videos simply think about some common social scenes and then choose one or a few to feature as their music video… but even so when it comes to our mental health and in this case especially managing our self esteem by ensuring we are always those who the music video can…

Keep Encouraging  Some Self-esteem 

within. How do we do that? By simply accepting that;

  • social stereotypes exist
  • music videos do us the favor of reminding us of that (sometimes we might appreciate it and sometimes not)
  • it is always our response-ability to make a choice in how we would deal with social stereotypes
  • we have a choice to keep positive self-talk that encourages self-esteem

So all music videos cannot out-rightly directly or indirectly give us a self-esteem boost, sometimes if we view them carelessly our self-esteem could take a hit, but if we consider the 4 tips…that we can be sure to be the some who music videos…

Keep Encouraging Some Self-esteem within  …

Hello! (you heard) Hello! (you heard) Hello! (you heard)



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