Making a ‘come-back’ of any kind big or small is no tiny feat!

Now add to this, being on the field and feeling wronged, we are human as we play our sport and in the game of life!

so we pause! and choose between the 2 s’s


SPEAK! then like Serena we choose to #speakup and #speakout after all what could be so off? so wrong ? with a simple respectful expression…

in the game of tennis, as in the game of life, we have persons holding positions, be then the referee, the umpire, or any other authority figure… and they can after we choose ‘s’ for #speak make decisions to test our #carryon in a very real way… but as Serena showed #sportsmanship, so too in the game of life we can display good sportsmanship while continuing to choose when to speak and when to remain silent

and the thing is … just as Serena would have had upcoming victor Naomi OSAKA looking on at her Serena’s behaviour, in the same way, others look on, as to how we deal with attempts by others to “cut us off” “reducing chances of us winning or achieving a ‘win’ ”



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