So in the Caribbean it finally happened, we got a singing cricketer in DJ Bravo…surprising?

What do Sport and Music have in common?

Energy: sport and music bring with it a certain energy and that really comes from the adrenaline that both give not only to the player/performer but to those enjoying the game/performance

Lyrics: YES! in music it is obvious what the singer is saying and the story they are sharing. In sports what the sportsman or sportswoman is saying to themselves and the story, they are telling themselves only becomes obvious in how they are performing. And this is what DJ Bravo did, simply but a melody and rhythm to what the sports professionals do on the field whether they realize it or not …

Selection: When the musician goes to record they must choose between different songs, melodies and ways of singing their song. Same it is as the sports professional prepares himself/herself for selection for certain tournaments and/or decides to play with one club/in one tournament or another…

Play On: Music or sports we play on and the game continues

and while play continues we are right here to support how the musician or sports professional alike carry on @ #lifecoaching and/or #therapy



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