Each day we are either becoming saner or less sane!

Mental health is along a continuum.

So how do we live like a B.O.S.S.?  

  • First- Becoming Our Sanest Self means being a SHARING Self

What that means, is that we share our thoughts and our feelings, opinions in a respectful way. Once we begin suppressing our true thoughts, that thought those thoughts unexpressed keep looking for a way to express themselves (it really is not an accident that we discover lots of people who have gone insane … talking to and answering themselves). When we keep our thoughts inside they torture us and might find expression in people we create in our minds (schizophrenia) or be denied because we might be afraid of what people think if we really express ourselves (panic attacks)

  • Second-Becoming Our Sanest Self  means accepting how we feel no matter what others think about it or how they feel about it

Feelings unexpressed or denied would surface again sometimes in ways that harm ourselves or others (poor anger management), for example, the child who constantly denies their feelings to make their parents feel better becomes the teen who cuts themselves to ease emotional pain (self-harm) and often also the person who learns to not express what they feel in relationships, often has relationships regrets fro the past which then contributes to feelings of self-rejection and much more contributing to (depression in one form or another, clinical or bi-polar)

So it is the first day of work for many of a new week …how much of a B.O.S.S. day would you allow yourself to have?

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