Recently floods devoured belongings in many homes in the Caribbean isle of Trinidad & Tobago. Today November 6, 2018, Hindus in this country celebrate Divali…

Depressing Divali?

A popular festival in Hinduism, Diwali/Divali symbolizes “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.

The festival usually involves cleaning of homes and lighting deyas  in preparation for the blessings of  wealth and prosperity

So it is easy to become depressed … as a Hindu hit by flash flooding looks around and ironically notices less material possessions due to the destruction from flash flooding

The Hindu Devotee can easily long for their old belongings that made up part of their wealth/possessions in the past before the floods came  …

Time for a Divali Deep Dive

It is then that that Hindu devotee would need to really think deeply about what Divali represents and swim through depressing thoughts and dive into a … new mindset more in keeping with what Divali symbolizes

Delightful Divali


On Divali Hindus have a focus on the confidence that there is a spiritual Universe energy that would ensure…



Flash flooding brought dark times and it could easily be experienced as a sort of environmental evil with such devastating destruction

But even for the Hindu devotee who looks an observes their lost possessions… as the deyas are lit, or thoughts of how they would have …

cleaned up as best as they good…they could notice how much more room and space there is for new possessions…new wealth and future prosperity

and a calm can come about even as it is difficult rebuilding after the flash flooding, because of the confidence the Hindu devotee would have especially it being Divali, that things would get better as

light overcomes darkness

goodness overcomes evil


Clay Deyas…hint hint

deyas are a part of the Hindu festival …guess what deyas are made from = clay. … guess where the clay comes from = no not Mother Laskhmi but Mother Earth

All Mothers worthy of honour…

Maybe as the Hindus on this Divali celebrate and invite Mother Lasskmi for blessings of wealth and prosperity another Mother would come to mind since the floods would have made it obvious that this mother, Mother Earth also impacts our belongings and possessions… and so many Hindus might also become

#gogreen devotees 

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