Life is like a long distance race with an obstacle course

Life is a game

Bringing it both together and we get a Marathon

Sex and Power Struggles

All sexual encounters involve power. In a healthy sexual encounter, there is respect for the power to attract, arouse, produce pleasure and pain, the power to give and refuse permission

In unhealthy forced sexual encounters, one or more persons are determined to force and subdue another through their using their power…

Sporting Power

So when Hannah made that decision to pick herself up by her crutches and run and run and run and run for miles and miles it is a deep message she delivered to the very fiber of her being and to life in general and to those dealing with life’s obstacles in whatever form …

She was taking her power back one run at a time…

power…simply that ability to do something and

did it she did much to the surprise of many!!!!!!!!!!!


We all have our own unique marathon with its unique obstacles and unlike Hannah, many are not physically paralyzed but psychologically paralyzed by refusing to do what we have to (remember Hannah had to train and train hard) to pick ourselves up and continue running our marathon


New day! Give thanks! and keep going

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