Marijuana, weed, ‘the herb’, kaya, cannabis however we wish to call it, has been around for ages. So what’s so new about this natural substance being used?

All marijuana is not created equally Some research has declared marijuana to have no link to psychotic behaviors. But the question is at what potency? Marijuana or cannabis is a drug that has a number of substances in it that interact with brain chemistry. In more recent times persons are harvesting strains of marijuana that is almost 10X MORE the potency of the strains of long ago.

Now with marijuana edibles, a person cannot really be sure about;

  1. the potency of the marijuana
  2. how other chemicals in the food would interact with the marijuana or cannabis to create a unique response in his/her biochemistry

All men are not created equally Based on our personality, genetics, family history and early life experiences, we all walk around with a special biological chemistry that makes us more prone to certain things. Over the years as early as the 1970s there has been the debate of cannabis or marijuana use provoking psychotic responses similar to schizophrenia in persons with a vulnerability. Others argue that it is the persons vulnerable to developing schizophrenia who gravitate to marijuana to self-medicate. Either way there is agreement that marijuana worsens the symptoms.

All stages of life are not created equally The brain continues to change in structure even up to late adolescence. So with the exposure of marijuana the adolescent is actually introducing a substance that overtime could permanently alter brain chemistry, and possibly so in more vulnerable persons in a way that provokes psychosis.

All of the marijuana is not created equally It has been shown that the extractions of the CBD oil have medicinal value. But right alongside it within the same marijuana is the TCH which along with other substances have been linked to the psycho behavior response in some persons

As we go through decriminalizing and legalizing cannabis or marijuana we are bound to take the bad and the ugly with the good. Any haste to overemphasize the good and shelf prudence or ignore the bad and the ugly going forward would undoubtedly leave societies with unprecedented social issues.

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