Once upon a time, Test Cricket was the true test of the cricket, including the West Indies cricketer. But cricket has and continues to morph/to evolve since the days of Sir Gary Sobers and Viv Richards. Lots of shorter formats being introduced, hold lots of appeal for our younger players. And when it comes to our West Indies cricketers, in our global village, they can now develop their skills, and ply their skills @ choice to International cricket teams far-and-wide.

Our New World of Cricket

To survive and more so to thrive now in our ‘New World of Cricket’ there must be manager-player intimacy or into-me-see. Whether the cricketing manager of pro-league teams or the Executive of the West Indies cricket team, there must be a deeper look at what the cricketer of “today” is facing. How else could the Executive understand how to approach these players and more importantly to keep the appeal of playing for the West Indies.

And this intimacy is what the new West Indies Executive seems able to bring. We look forward!


Sure the player on the field is important. But cricket is bigger than the present-day players of any team. Cricket in any country is a system. Good systems are able to reproduce a service or product over the long-term. Too often this is what International teams hold over the Caribbean region. However, encouraging evidence comes as we notice ex-West Indies players being brought back to the fold to now support the team in a different capacity. There is also the declared promise (note the term ‘declared promise’) of putting a focus upon the youth in cricket. If in fact this does happen then what we would now be building is a better system around the game.


But as with the cricketer, we do not simply want a ‘hope’ of runs, good fielding, bowling and batting but results, so too, with our Executive we look forward to the plans moving off the paper….so we wait and we look on…but for now the I’s definitely hold the key to a brighter future for West Indies crickethttps://www.telegraph.co.uk/cricket/2019/01/19/cricket-west-indies-expensive-business-passion-sport-still-exists/

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