What’s trending? Whatever it is chances are it’s something we get pleasure from talking about or feel comfortable exploring.

While many are continuing in marital bliss, there is a growing group who remain significantly silent;

“The news is not good for black women when it comes to finding a partner. Where not long ago there were roughly two married women to every single woman, those numbers have gradually reversed over the past few decades—now, more than 60 percent of black women have either never married or are divorced.” https://www.amazon.com/Sole-Sisters-Pains-Single-Black/dp/193284127X

What many are not saying?

Ava an attractive young lady was pleased to finally meet someone she could now build an ongoing committed relationship with. And what would you know, he was also of the same race. They dated, moved in together and eventually married. A few years later, the cheating began.

Brenda an attractive female after being friends with this guy for years, found herself in a relationship with him. After some months, thinking they were on the same wave-length, Brenda realized he wanted more time ‘to play the field’.

What is similar with Ava and Brenda?

They are both ‘black women’. And now form a growing part of that group of women never married or divorced. What Ava and Brenda said;

  • when would more ‘black males’ reject the subtle and not so subtle training mainly targeted @ them to ‘play the field’ and objectify women
  • how do black women contend with the trend of making non-black women more appealing to ‘black males’ lessening the already depleted pool of black males who are high in numbers in our prisons and increasing choosing homosexuality
  • does it even matter what black women think?

Ms. Independent

Both Ava and Brenda carryon living and loving their lives and enjoying their independence. Yet again what they silently note but don’t say;

  • the idea of the ‘independent black woman’ is also being used against them to suggest that ‘they been single so long, they won’t know what to do with a good man’
  • being independent also puts them at risk as they get older, for liberated younger men looking for a ‘sugar mama’ and/or at risk from males not yet secure enough to deal with an ‘independent’ female ww.youtube.com/watch?v=h4yhOywnNTw
  • sometimes when they do speak up, they are labeled as ‘mad black women’ (and that’s a thing)

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