Whether its Royal Baby Archie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oYXh6PY6Kg 

or an ‘everyday biracial couple’ giving birth, there remains a certain amount of subtle and at times not so subtle, privilege and or pride that comes with that approximation to ‘whiteness’https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/14/style/white-guilt-privilege.html

Diluted Blue Blood

Yet for the mixed race person this ‘blue blood’ aka ‘white privilege’ is an interesting irony with much subtle and at times not so subtle stress and tension surrounding it. Interestingly enough this everyday experience is somewhat mirrored even as it was decided that Royal baby Archie https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/1124540/meghan-markle-baby-name-archie-harrison-royal-baby-title-prince-harry 

would not be given a title at this time.

Yet we would agree that Royal baby Archie is no ‘ordinary’ baby

Similarly being born of mixed race is a unique experience sort of like being ‘born grey’; a hybrid

Hybrid Hurts

Even as bi-racial couples celebrate their love child/children, there are some social realities that are often neglected. RACE IS a social construct and being ‘born grey’ as it were means that the biracial child comes into a push-pull or love/hate or bi-polar sort of expereince depending on the social environment they would find themselves in.

Today they might be admired and tomorrow they might be resented or vice versa, all based on the environment they find themselves in https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/halle-berry-opens-being-biracial-211500720.html

Great Greyhound Approach

For the biracial or mixed race person or child then, there is the need to;

M-Master their own self-concept…because the World and society might say one thing today and another tomorrow, it becomes more important than ever for that child, the person to decide how he/she wishes to identify racially and by ethnicity (and the two do not need be the same) and stick to it

I-but even so it would be important to find a way to integrate what society says and who society says so that their self-concept which they choose for themselves remains grounded in reality..for example; “I know people might think of me as…but I prefer to ….” a great example was Tiger Woods invented word https://theundefeated.com/features/tiger-woods-dui-arrest-police-only-saw-black/

X- x-men concept, holding an appreciation for being a sort of ‘x-men’ in a World where many esteem themselves based on racial identity can also help persons of mixed race to embrace self-acceptance and remain grounded in being just that ‘mixed’ reducing the pressure to overly-identify with any one race over the other

E-exploring emotions and expressing emotions in a safe way and space also becomes important especially if or when hidden feelings arise with varied treatments met out to biracial children from the same family because of their appearance http://www.karryonservices.com/counselor-profile/

D-Develop diversity appreciation, being ‘born grey’ is evidence of diversity working together for good and one of the greatest gifts a mixed race person might eventually give to self is respecting even diversity of views on race and race relations and in there deciding and respecting what there own views would be  

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