Hastag #goat it’s all around now. Sure it is meant to be a compliment, #goat = Greatest Of All Time! But did no one consider that Great-est is the superlative of great..so its great great-er and great-est…

Now for the million dollar question….??? How many #goats can there be (look back at the hint ‘s’)

As a sportsman if you aim to become a goat, then your standard was set by those gone before, but how much does that do for the sport, or how much might the sportsman (sportsman or sportswoman) might also be underestimating their potential.

Lara a true Cricketing BULL

What Brian Charles Lara did in his cricketing career was





#bull and when a sportsman seeks to be a true #bull what does it mean….

Bettering your Best

Lara spent time studying the great or maybe some #goats and he honed his talents in that way he was able to break records held by others and even those held by himself …when this approach is taken then the heights of the sport knows no limitshttp://www.thecricketmonthly.com/story/793783/-young-players-today-don-t-have-time-to-introspect

Understand the sport

#goat might play the sport and master playing of the sport but a bull, is patient and understands his sport, learning its history and what the sport means for himself and others, this might be why Lara is within the phasing out of cricketers who truly appreciated the significance of the test match…while also valuing the short format…today many of our young cricketing #goats while a long way into their careers are yet to master the test aspect of the game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gWWWg3LvAU

Leaving Legacy

“It’s all about the journey, not the outcome” ~ Carl Lewis

As we know Lara had his ups and downs with the game of cricket, with some questioning his captaincy a certain points. Yet when we look back over his cricketing journey, generally there is agreement that he brought something to the game and made an imprint and that is the mark of the #bull…to stand the test of time


Going forward we do look on in anticipation of the upcoming cricketers getting the guide to put their game into perspective and context and to work beyond ‘cheap knocks’ but instead aim to leave their unique mark upon the sport like a true #bull or as the singing cricketer djbravo put it become a real champion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y963o_1q71M

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