Years ago some folks in the U.S. discovered that smoking the tobacco plant gave pleasant feelings….

Fast forward some years later, add some other substances and we have 1/3 of the World smoking …

What is smoking?

Smoking is pleasure for S.A.L.E.

Basically @ some point for the smoker (the person addicted to nicotine) @ some point




Expressions … when someone introduced them to cigarettes as a form of relaxation… using it once the person realized that it removed whatever the stressful feeling was (though not the real cause of the stress) and created that pleasant feeling

Do it again dopamine

By the time the dopamine is released in the brain from the first smoke, it makes the person long for that pleasant feeling again if/when the effects of the first smoke is gone

So…reach for another the cigarette../and with each cigarette the brain changes more and more in a way that it longs even more for that pleasant feeling the nicotine brings

So what if….

While smoking is known to have health risks, the immediate pleasure is often too appealing to stop

World No Tobacco Day!

Talking about health risks only makes those of loved ones want the smoker to quit more…but not the smoker

To any smoker then its a simple question…what is something else that you love 2nd to cigarette smoking? maybe that might be a starting point to create a personalized reduce smoking programme just for you

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