West Indies fans and followers go into high-hope as West Indies begin the ICC tournament with a win over Pakistan https://www.firstpost.com/firstcricket/sports-news/west-indies-vs-pakistan-icc-cricket-world-cup-2019-twitterati-left-speechless-after-windies-register-crushing-victory-at-trent-bridge-6736591.html

Beginning this, West Indies holds 1 solid sporting attitude;

DESIRE … and for this first game it gave them that push to plan, be strategic, focus, attack and win

But with the game on Thursday June 6, 2019 coming up with the Aussies, THere is something for the West Indies team to guard against;

ASSERTIVENESS … becoming low, and this is often noted if or when the team does not begin with that advantage or gets behind in a game … while the team might not use this word… it is low assertiveness showing up as intimidation…

So Holder and his clan might individually and collectively want to consider how that would be managed throughout the match… but for this to happen

The team must step out there with a

TENSION CONTROL … plan … let’s keep it real, one of the things that happens a lot is the team getting on that winning streak and then expectations go up and ‘then’ well we know what happens then… expectations are a given and it brings with it tensions that even reach the mind and muscle

But another point to be careful with then is …

CONFIDENCE … this team can neither dash confidence facing a team like the Aussies nor step out on a euphoric high from a Pakistan win… but hold just that level that boosts muscle and mind THROUGHOUT the game

And as the days draw nearer…

SELF DISCIPLINE … to neither under or overwork muscle or mind and to be willing to do the work to learn their opposing team before and during the match remains a must

West Indies acknowledges and celebrates that first win even as we look toward working the winning process

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