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Yes, yes, yes, it’s that time of year again, it’s Valentine’s Day. Who exactly is this day geared towards? Please not the politically correct answer, could we give the one we instinctively and intuitively know to be true. Okay, for those of us who might need a hint think of the items that are most associated with Valentine’s Day. Now, while we would not want to step on the ladies parade of flowers and roses, might we ask an ever pressing question? When exactly do we give our men some good affectionate attention devoid and divorced from sex? Seriously! It is quite ironic though how many women often complain about the one-track focus of men. Where or how might such a focus be learnt? Let’s explore, shall we?

Why? Hug A Man!

1)   Having a male child

About a few weeks ago during a group discussion a young mother noted that coming from a predominantly female family how she had to learn how to interact and interface with her young son. This mother’s awareness is commendable; however how many of our mothers in our regional female-headed households hold this consciousness?

Some young men in fact too many of our young men might be able to tell the stories of walking in the shadow of an absentee father and getting as little affection even as a young child as their mother’s estranged spouse.

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Ah boy! it’s 2018…………..

This is just an 18 day old message in 2018. Have you ever heard someone exclaim “ah boy!” well it good be a good sort of ah boy and then again

so 2018 ah boy! 2018

It’s early days yet and while we cannot control all things and everything we can do what we can to help support the kind of ah boy! we would want

Same Ole Same Ole

It takes about 2 weeks to begin really working in a new behaviour, 21 days to get it more firmly rooted… so at day 18 we can make an honest check on what type of ah boy exclamation we are working on…

if the excitement of the New Year has long worn off and we have fallen into our routine … then that ah boY! 2018 might just be a repeat of any ah boy! we might have said in any year in 2008 even… with its irritations…

A new Ah Boy!

Because its only 18 days though its early days yet and a great time to make that check to notice if we have already given up our little medium or big things we were going to work on…

as mentioned life is far from perfect so yes there will be those irritations and so forth…

but what about the things we can do something about would it not be nice to exclaim an ah boy of satisfaction for 2018…

that’s where #lifecoaching comes in

Ah boy! Life coaching for turning thinking into action

A life coach partners with you to make those things we have some input into to make those things happen… so embrace your opportunity while its early yet to exclaim ah boy! 2018 ah boy! to your utter most delight 

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Eventually we get there though the age might vary… the questions we all must answer include one major one .. what now?

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Dear Positive Psychology People, 

How goes it? Ever heard that song … you down with O.P.P.? well that’s a song about being with “other people’s property” ..but as positive psychology people that;s not our focus but guess what is?

As Positive Psychology People we have our own version of that song though it songs exactly the same word wise….

you down with O.P.P. (the crowd asks us this everyday, our parents, our partners, our friends, people in general, etc. etc. )

our response as Positive Psychology People (nnnn—ahhh that’s not me!)

as Positive Psychology People  … we simple don’t get down with


for our lives….

we live on meaning and purpose …even IF OR WHEN our choices seem downright dumb to loved ones and the masses we press on


because Positive Psychology People know its better to write your life script in private and have a self than to write for the public and lose your self …

because to have no self is to cease to exist to become a walking zombie

and zombies no little of having a positive psychology

zombies no little of using there strength to progress forward…

so to all the Positive Psychology People #keepgoing #carryon #karryon #progressivemovement #KarryOn

and for those out there  who might now be realizing the dangers of being down with O.P.P. 

log on…our office online @ we offer #onlinecounseling #lifecoaching you can check out our blog to understand the difference @  we also will have some great #ecofashion tees coming out soon that help us keep our Positive Psychology in STYLE

until next time Positive Psychology People

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