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Serbia ahead….its easy to get comfortable when ahead and having won before…but ahhhhh…. a win before is past-time and we need to always keep in the game as it is being played in the present … good #carryon then from Our Serbian Team…..

build from the past…but keep your head in the game even when ahead …

Now some might say the way Switzerland was playing their win was bound to come….and true the Switzerland team seemed to have the edge in this game…but let us give them KUDDOS….

they came in one-down, only having a draw and then getting a goal on them…

Yet yet…this team kept going and came from behind to score one goal….. and equalize…..

so they might be called “Turtle of the Match” but even the turtle can reach its target with consistency… so #carryon message simple…#keepgoing

Now let’s also talk about Player Influence …. we all matter in the game of life…and boy oh boy…did Shaqiri matter…. watching him on the field he kept focus on that goal…and eventually his time game to score one for the team….and what a beautiful goal it was…unfazed by his 2 opponents..he kept cool and calm to carefully and skillfully 

#carryon do not under=estimate potential and if at first you don’t succeed then try and try again!


To come again after having faced defeat and show up to an attacking opponent #confident and #defending showed that Costa Rican team to have great sporting psychology and #carryon…. and in the game of life we have to find a way to dust ourselves off…and come again….

But cannot let up….and that was Costa Rica’s ‘faux pau’ the game is only over when its over….so even if we notice the game going on longer than expected… need to find a way to keep the resolve …the confidence…the defensive position that we began with…..

and it was there that Costa Rica was bettered…

okay okay…so really the boys in blue for this match bettered them in other areas too..but Costa Rica showed that they game to play…overtime and all…and while the game was in play…they kept at it and kept at it…and kept at it…complete with an…

offside goal…. Neymar…working for a penalty ….never came

but these boys in blue spent no time fretting over spilt milk…they just kept going …what a great show of #carryon….

and great sport psychology too…as they maintained focus…constantly looking for those opening…even when reaching obvious overtime….and found it they did..not once but twice..

Spirited commentator, spirited fans and a spirited game between Denmark and Australia….

Football gurus commented on the high price Australia though playing great football…paid for not monitoring Chrisitan Eriksen who scored what has been described as AN ABSOLUTELY AWESOME goal…

and what a #carryon lesson…in the game of life we need to do our SWOT analysis ….Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats …we need to make good use of 2 of them and find ways to support 2 of them to better our #carryon

But all was not lost for Australian Team…for while they did not monitor Christian Eriksen, thankfully for them….

VAR was monitoring…

and when VIDEO ASSISTANT REFEREE picked up that “unnatural hand position” VAR saved the day for this team….

and so it was Australia was given a penalty…(a penalty for Denmark who might have relaxed forgetting that #eyes #computereyes were on them and would miss nothing) great system for


and so it was a look at the video…and Aussie team was kept alive…

same way part of our #carryon is finding our SOCIAL SUPPORT SYSTEMS … that have our backs…that would show us things that we might be missing and help us to #carryon…

Great invention for World Cup Football the VAR…

Iran intensely defended from the blow of the whistle…remarkable defense…

this team knew that a goalless draw would be in their favour…they knew that Spain would come out attacking going for goal, for Spain needed a win….

it was as if there plan was to intensely defend and keep that ball out of the net….

but ….Spain Operated Probabilities 

they kept taking shots at the goal…most off point…but it did not matter…

they were working with the law of probabilities …the more chances taken…the increased probability of success…

and they were patient and patient and patient for all of 45 mins plus added time in that first half…

and so it is #carryon and be patient…keep at it, and be patient efforts eventually pay off…. 

Back to Iran

the unexpected…after Spain scored, in went a goal but not a qualifying goal for Iran… ah hum bug…but that is how it goes in the game of football and life…having to bounce right back from disappointment and this Iranian team did so quite well..and continued to defend….

but one thing that might have been the tricky area for Iranian Defensive match was ….

we cannot pre-empt or predict in full…

yes of course it was a great plan to play defense with Spain and it went well…but the what if? plan is important…and it did not seem that Iran had that what if?plan as tight for if Spain scored how to regroup quickly to equalize…

so a takeaway might be plan and be strategic but be ready with a #backup plan or two because the game is just that a game and it does not always go to our plan

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High pace and high contact, exciting match between Portugal and Morocco ….from the get go 

Admired Attacking Morocco

This team game into this game, goalless against a strong team, and needing to score and win to remain in the WorldCup

they showed up…attacking and defending too …they had that #noretreat #nosurrender attitude and played to the very last second, mainitaing almost equal goal possession, taking and creating chances to score…

and that is not all…even with the odds piling up against them and then not having a foul called off their #16 (who worked really hard in this match by the way) because it was not in the penalty area, even with the occasional disagreements, they showed GREAT SPORTMANSHIP and PROVED WORTHY TO BE SELECTED FOR THE WORLD STAGE …

and that is #carryon right there…. in life we might face some strong opponents but a real #carryon attitude keeps going and playing as best as possible…   


It is what it is…this team game in with a great first game, great score, and a well-experienced skill-player on their team, and he would not be held back, less than 5 mins in…and he worked his magic….

and sometimes we are positioned to have an advantage and we do well to use it…

in the game of life…we all have our talents…when we find it..and hone it like Cristiano Ronaldo….we can #carryon using our strengths to support victory!

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So after being reminded by my Senegalese friend of the match today…my side was chosen #gogreen…

 This match sure was off to a slow sort of start with each side pacing the game….started thinking this would be a nil-nil outcome…..

then the commentator highlighted a little over 30 mins and Poland already had 61% ball possession….but the pace continued…

then there was Senegal coach standing on the side signalling to his team “use your head” …he used both fingers on both sides… 

And use their head Senegal did…

Why is this Sports Talking Therapist saying this?

Because in that first goal that Senegal scored it was not just a nicely times passing of the ball to who was open, but the scorer found the opening and nicely fit that ball into the open space…..GOAL!!!!!!!! 

The second goal coming off of #19 for Senegal again happened because #19 came on the field and kept his head in the game…so once that opportunity was their he made good use of it…..GOALLLLL!!!!!!!

Ball Possession yeah we could boast of that…but the #carryon lesson is that there is a big difference between movement and progressive movement….and to make progress in the game ..we need to keep our head in it!

Keep viewing! 

Nice and equal and going into the 2nd half….

What did the Sports Talking Therapist think….

wow look at how both teams, everybody on both teams are paying attention and moving accordingly….

England had lots of chances because of paying attention and moving accordingly

But Tunisia blocked most of those chances as the players responded quickly including their goalkeeper on several occasions..

Both teams keep signalling throughout the 2nd half …and the coaches too noticing what was happening made their subs…

Ah but then….that one unguarded moment…

And Tunisia would learn a HARD lesson…

It is one thing to Pay Attention And Move Accordingly 

and another to Pay Attention And Move Accordingly Always

Why is this Sports Talking Therapist saying this…

Because just before the goal was scored I noticed KANE giving a signal to the players on his team…but Tunisia missed the signal… 

So our #carryon lesson is Pay Attention Always and look our for the KANE….


sTAY Tuned!



Dressed in yellow ready to support Brazil….

Backing Brazil in that first half they did not disappoint….

But as a Sports Talking Therapist….

what we can take from that match was this..

What an Attractive Australia team! sure there might have been the foul here and there, but for that team to come back in the second half and equalize meant….  

  • they had great #carryon …remained disciplined and focused even when things were not going there way
  • they had to have positive self-talk that remembered their own value, skills and ability in the face of a team that was bettering them in the moment
  • and as the commentator said in the match….”the Aussie team can play but they must learn to stop other teams from playing” … no doubt they studied their challengers and moved accordingly

Not sure what colour would be the choice for the next match…but sure to remain the Sports Talking Therapist as World Cup 2018 continues because with each match there is so much we can learn about how to #carryon on and off the field

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All Caught Up about being seen when as man (like Shaggy) we get in

Into the intimate private parts of another

If we do not want a partner to know we do not bother

Do not bother to admit we were there

And basically say by words or actions…go get the prove “it’s a dare”

Put how often again and again the prove is in the pudding when we eat

And it does not matter if we insist “we did not cheat”

for often enough we






either the partner, the one who said catch me if you can, or the one who was thought to be the other outside person

And #hate and #hurt are two powerful emotions

that gives lots of energies and devotions

to all connected to the one who says “prove it first”

and many times when people are feeling #hate or #hurt they make choices for the worst

So please take care when dealing with the emotions of others…and #beware of getting


#relationshipcoaching #relationshiptherapy @



There are some challenges…that are easy as pie

There are some challenges where we try and try

There are some challenges…..

some challenges are not the one and done

some challenges are not nice not fun…

It is then we learn that Eating Elephants Fast Feeds Frustration

so How do you eat an elephant? …. one bite at a time…

the idea is whether we are dealing with a habit we want to end, a challenge in a relationship, learning a new skill/behaviour, or dealing with something in the workplace, etc. etc….

sometimes we need to learn that it is like an elephant  

AND so we reduce our frustration when we can ….

move forward very slowly…. and appreciating small sometimes minute/tiny victories…and #keepgoing….focusing on the tiny progress made instead of how much farther there is to go…. and keep focusing on the #now with that feeling of gratitude

Other Option

keep trying to….

Eat that Monkey Fast …. & Feed Frustration…

and possibly even threaten our peace..and mental wellbeing