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International Men’s Day

And so much has been sung about what we want from man;

Of course before going anywhere focus goes on what makes a man based on the physical and all the pleasures that come with it

But then sometimes that man steps up and asks please to not over emphasize only one part of him and remember that after all a man is just that a man

But then is a man just a man or is a man just the man that he calls himself .. as the man calls himself maybe so he will become

And then again some say a good man is as good as those behind the man and that includes the woman or women

And in all of this there continues those who keep encouraging other men to Man Up

Well its that time again when men are up and that decision can be made to simply be a strong back man, or to ask another to recognize a man is just a man, to become a bad man or a good man or to look around and ask others to man up … It is soon approaching International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day is approaching and its a good time as any to recognize our men and give them a SPA Day…



Appreciation ….

What then are some of the things that we seem appreciative of in our men…. 

  • for one thing we seem appreciative of is the age old golden stamp of men as protectors/providers/producers/pleasurers ….. and so if these are noted in any way at all in men around maybe now is a good a time as any for a SPA Day for those men
  • for another thing we seem appreciative of is the age old golden stamp of men as disciplinarian … being able to support keeping the children on a right track … and so again if this is noted in any way at all in men around maybe now is a good time as any for a SPA Day for those men
  • and for yet another thing we seem appreciative of the calming solution-oriented practical how do we fix this approach often associated more with men… and yes, so if these are noted in any way at all around maybe now is a good time as any for a SPA Day for those men

But what about?

The type of SPA Day not so much based on some strong perceptions of what is expected of men… but 

  • a simple Showing Public Appreciation on occasion noting the efforts of the men who endure through challenges and continue to show up doing their best
  • a recognition of men not just for what they do but for who that man chooses to be, his qualities and his character as a person
  • an appreciation for the soften more silent aspects that men bring into the family and home

International Men’s Day is approaching many might hardly get the opportunity again for the year.. what about a SPA Day 




Eventually we work for a person as a child to know his or her name and it is so he or she can respond when another calls and it is also as an identity

This is HUGE … whatever a person responds to it is because he or she associates with him or herself … therefore as a parent it is important that we give a name a positive association by the things we say very often about our children for eventually this is what they will associate with their name and with who they are and will behave accordingly  


In the first entry focus was on that male energy and essence … our Universe is so inclined to balance that it often creates a yin and yang  of energy flow…. 

so then we can hardly speak of man without a direct or indirect of the woman …

and so once again as we approach International Men’s Day there might be some areas that we can reflect …

Introducing the Modern Day Woman 

Undeniably women have changed over the centuries and decades into our nowadays modern woman … and we wonder how has this changed energy around woman impacted the energy and the essence that is man…

Some have argued this new woman of today has gone right over into the man of old territory and taken some of what would usually be a his only domain…

Generally as a group too women have become both more aggressive and assertive…

What then has been happening as a result of all of this with the energy flow between the genders? and more so how is this new woman sending out energy signals to man to compliment her energy? Have men as a group been in agreement with forming a complimentary energy for this new woman? When we look at gender issues  such as intimate partner violence might there be any contribution from this matter of unsettled energy flow? And what of relationship dynamics and marriage and divorce rates might this in any way be connected to energy flows between the man and woman?

It is easy to speak to men’s issues whether to commend or to condemn but a main thing is that for there to be an essence and energy called man there must be an equal and opposite energy and both energies continually impact upon each other. 

As we turn a bit towards our men then we are basically turning toward our women too and asking how this complimentary energy has been showing itself in men’s matters.

Yin & Yang 


There is a certain energy that varies between that of a man and a woman…. 

energy- strength and vitality required to keep active

There is a certain essence that makes something what it is and so there is a certain essence that is man…

essence- the basic or most important feature of something

As we move into celebrating International Men’s Day there are two things that might be worth some deeper consideration;

  1. As the World is changing and we have more openness on homosexual males and new gender definitions…who is keeping active the strength and vitality of the heterosexual man… how is the heterosexual man defining himself and protecting his definition of who he is….

In connection with this point to is the reality that today men includes a variety of men.. heterosexual men and homosexual men and this is simply the reality .. how will these two main groups work together for an understanding of men and manhood.. or will the homosexual man be used to threaten the heterosexual man and vice versa and if so then is there a threat to men on the whole … a group divided against itself cannot stand… so who will awaken and allow each man to define and guard how he defines himself and to protect the boundaries that each man puts upon himself…this the New World that men must negotiate

  1. And with all the variations of the heterosexual male.. the metro male/the alpha male/the modernized male… and the variation of  the homosexual male… the closeted or bearded homosexual male/the cross dressing homosexual male … who again will determine the real essence of what or who is a heterosexual male and what or who is a homosexual male

Or is it that part of being male of being man is being one’s own man and being comfortable in his own skin…

It is International Men’s Day and media, women and the like have know problem telling men who they are but the question as we approach the day is in this modern world who are our men? 




Today is Veterans day in the USA …honoring all military personnel who have served in the U.S. armed forces 

This day is truly a show of appreciation … it comes with the thinking that these people who fought all agreed that there was something worth fighting for …

Many of us would never formally serve in any military in any country yet from the youngest to the oldest of us do battle .. sometimes its a battle between a two or three year old and his or her parent to begin to show his or her own will … and those types of battles are one off battles but sometimes it is a group fighting for some cause… whatever the case we all do battle in one way or another… 

And who is to decide whether our cause for battle is right.. moral…or justified…

In this movie their were there sets of fighters…

the Invading Soldiers …  as far as the Other Protecting Soldiers were concerned the Invading Soldiers were wrong…

yet the Invading Soldiers had a cause that they felt strongly about and that kept them going … they had head (strategy) and so selected a high-power official to get their message across and they had heart they refused surrender …now in the end they were captured … but has that battle truly ended.. or has it been put on pause

The Protecting Soldiers would have also come in with head (strategy) how to best enter the building and heart … they must protect their people … but truth be told the Protecting Soldiers heart could never compare to that of the invading soldiers … who initiated the battle due to a cause…

and this is so applicable in our World today where we talk of terrorism .. thing is the “terrorist” has a cause and it is that cause that even if subdued today once it remains would continue to resurface …

and that  is when we realize that the greatest victory of any battle is when there is a fight to try to comprehend the head and heart of the other side and a battle to the end to resolve the conflict for that is the only way for some sort of sustainable peace   …

but of all who were in the battle .. the kids were the ones who moved with the most heart and because of that they were able to keep changing their head (strategy) to win the battle and the fact that the battle had little to do with overpowering others as with the other to soldiers but with a heart matter.. also made them the most likely soldiers to come out victorious…

So on this Veterans Day its worth considering what battles we choose and our motives and when too in conflict with others consider where their head and heart is at and if it is really worth even going to battle

Certain things are what they are and the male anatomy is the male anatomy

and eventually both man and woman appreciate the male anatomy…

its HARD …





…… shows itself in an obvious way for a man … but is showing a desire or the starting  thereof sufficient to put oneself in a position to experience POST ORGASMIC DSITRESS..

How many men adopt the attitude that its ‘HARD being HARD’ and so go with the flow .. only to be ;

in a relationship with a less than desirable partner in terms of attitude

paying more child support

in a love triangle that is stressful

And what of when there are some ladies who know that there are men who think its ‘HARD being HARD’ ….

and so have a preplanned agenda … that goes way beyond the moment of pleasure to securing a cash cow .. then once again its that POST ORGASMIC DISTRESS

and what when she knows how she impacts you and ‘all she wants is another baby’ but she knows the mantra of its ‘HARD being HARD’ and so she makes it ‘hard’ for you to resist her agenda

Yeah life has given its fair share of pros and cons to each gender but is there any need for any gender to make life harder than it is 


Doesn’t it just get your attention when someone asks nicely… for starters we pay attention…. now when a nicely put request is followed by a compliment… well….. we might go under a trance to simply say yes .. and if it comes from a PRINCE

SOMETIMES its only after accepting the simple request that we wake and begin to pay attention now to the fine details….

but by then there it goes again that simple request… but this time the request is bold and comes in the form of a promise… of course again including those subtle compliments … and once again there it is that trance like state and the rest as they say is history …

But what about after the music stops…

would we remain okay will obliging that simple request…

music entices with its melodies and great lyrics and its great to enjoy good musical offerings..

BUT let’s get BACK TO LIFE … back to reality…

Life goes on and we can hardly afford to get carried away in the moment by a charming prince or duke for that matter who gives that well timed compliment and then makes a simple request