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Today, June 5th 2019 is World Environment Day many would be posting photos in masks …

We can put on our own masks first with some #sexsansothers

Sex Sans Others…masturbation…think of it as putting your own mask first
Create a more pleasant climate in the sexual environment with some great #sexsansothers
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West Indies fans and followers go into high-hope as West Indies begin the ICC tournament with a win over Pakistan

Beginning this, West Indies holds 1 solid sporting attitude;

DESIRE … and for this first game it gave them that push to plan, be strategic, focus, attack and win

But with the game on Thursday June 6, 2019 coming up with the Aussies, THere is something for the West Indies team to guard against;

ASSERTIVENESS … becoming low, and this is often noted if or when the team does not begin with that advantage or gets behind in a game … while the team might not use this word… it is low assertiveness showing up as intimidation…

So Holder and his clan might individually and collectively want to consider how that would be managed throughout the match… but for this to happen

The team must step out there with a

TENSION CONTROL … plan … let’s keep it real, one of the things that happens a lot is the team getting on that winning streak and then expectations go up and ‘then’ well we know what happens then… expectations are a given and it brings with it tensions that even reach the mind and muscle

But another point to be careful with then is …

CONFIDENCE … this team can neither dash confidence facing a team like the Aussies nor step out on a euphoric high from a Pakistan win… but hold just that level that boosts muscle and mind THROUGHOUT the game

And as the days draw nearer…

SELF DISCIPLINE … to neither under or overwork muscle or mind and to be willing to do the work to learn their opposing team before and during the match remains a must

West Indies acknowledges and celebrates that first win even as we look toward working the winning process

Years ago some folks in the U.S. discovered that smoking the tobacco plant gave pleasant feelings….

Fast forward some years later, add some other substances and we have 1/3 of the World smoking …

What is smoking?

Smoking is pleasure for S.A.L.E.

Basically @ some point for the smoker (the person addicted to nicotine) @ some point




Expressions … when someone introduced them to cigarettes as a form of relaxation… using it once the person realized that it removed whatever the stressful feeling was (though not the real cause of the stress) and created that pleasant feeling

Do it again dopamine

By the time the dopamine is released in the brain from the first smoke, it makes the person long for that pleasant feeling again if/when the effects of the first smoke is gone

So…reach for another the cigarette../and with each cigarette the brain changes more and more in a way that it longs even more for that pleasant feeling the nicotine brings

So what if….

While smoking is known to have health risks, the immediate pleasure is often too appealing to stop

World No Tobacco Day!

Talking about health risks only makes those of loved ones want the smoker to quit more…but not the smoker

To any smoker then its a simple question…what is something else that you love 2nd to cigarette smoking? maybe that might be a starting point to create a personalized reduce smoking programme just for you

Brain operations are very technical

As a parent if your child need to undergo a brain operation, it could be quite nerve-wrecking because the brain is so important and because brain surgery is very technical.

Did you know as parents you operate on your children’s brain?

We think that brain operations require special tools and physically entering the brain. And that is true too.

There is another way to literally (no joke) operate on the brain and change how it works, change how the nerve impulses are firing or working and its through experiences, its through support and encouragement, its through relaxation techniques.

So are you preparing your child to conquer their World?

think #ent … empower neuron (nerve impulses) trigggers by;

providing experiences that promote a feeling of confidence and showing ways to self-soothe and calm down when disappointed or distressed

just these two simple approaches working together keeps empowering neuron triggers in a way to make your child more resilient…

Enjoy today’s operations! And keep those operations going!

It’s a simple question, in today’s World could you love yourself if you don’t love your shade?

Please read:

“Unless the question of colourism is addressed in our communities and definitely in our black “sisterhoods” we cannot, as a people, progress.” These were the words of Alice Walker, In Search Of Our Mother’s Garden: Womanist Prose. Walker is credited with coining the term “colourism”.

Mumbai Indians winning 4 Indian Premier League titles in 7 years. This team must be doing something right.

Rewarding Recruits 

This works both ways. MI definitely not (mission impossible) have made a habit of recruiting players who reward the team with their presence.

But that’s not all, the MI managers are also known to reward their recruits with great support in terms of available support staff and in terms of expressing confidence in its players.

So Mumbai stalwarts like Keiron Pollard, Jasprit Bumrah and Lasith Malinga understand along with others that the team is seriously seeking & supporting success (working the mental sport muscle)

Planning Plays

Mental preparedness is partly too in working with some game plan. And MI work with a 4 point plan (among others of course) this team keeps on board; a death over specialist, an opening batsman who could make that 500 runs, a mid-fielder basher and a ‘bipolar’ spinner (a bowler who could turn the ball both ways)

It’s clear then that MI could boast the psychological edge.

But Chennai Super Kings were in the IPL finals because this team got what it takes for sporting success

Kings rule

Chasing steady CSK played as Kings taking charge of the field and going after their goal, the commitment and sturdiness showing even as Shane Watson scoring 80 runs for CSK with bleeding knee (disclaimer: do not try this @ home).

YET this IPL showed an important truth about sports every second matters and your head, your mind-body must remain in the game every second. And so it was that MI keeping their focus and seeking success made that one ball work

Sporting success means mastering muscle and mind.

Internet Ablaze with Curry

Seems Ayesha Curry really ‘set it off’ for couples as well as singles … talking about;

  1. her husbands female fans
  2. her thinking “hmm would be nice to get some of that attention from men”

Discussions going from, these women cannot get enough, Ayesha is beautiful and gets attention, Steph Curry and Ayesha are childhood sweethearts, Steph supports his wife and on and on…

Turning to the remaining Curry

Let’s put this in context…

Steph Curry is a sportsman, an active attractive sportsman and that is where we really must begin .. because let’s be real as attractive as Steph is his appeal is a lot to do with him being a popular sportsman

And here is where sportspeople spouses would want Curry favour

The head of the sportsman is different

So we casually say we think with our heads, but we all know its really our brains.

Well guess what…sportspeople have specialized brains as do all people who tend to gravitate to certain things, just as musicians and artists

The sportsman head and what it means for relationships

Our brains are constantly moving chemicals through it, and certain chemicals create certain behaviors. Sportsmen, especially those doing well in their sport, are over time becoming more and more tuned in and by their actions training their brains and bodies to respond to dopamine. Dopamine receptors then over time become ready for that next release of dopamine within the brain and that high.

For this reason many sportsmen get into vices, and the easiest most thrilling is unfortunately infidelity…consider it almost an occupational hazard.

And for the record prettiness of the spouse can hardly compete with that longing for the dopamine rush

Curry Favour for Dopamine Dilemma

Continuing Commitment

It’s not about sportsmen not loving their wives, it’s about the ability to continue commitment to not cheat when the dopamine on the brain creates that longing for the high of the dopamine… (which comes from the thrill of daring and challenging cheating)

So Curry favor of continuing commitment is something sports couples cannot take for granted

United Understanding

Steph obviously appreciated Ayesha’s need to build something of her own and what many commenting on the internet are not saying is that for years Ayesha was and has been understanding of female fans being part of the territory

Real Relationship

As mentioned earlier, Ayesha and Curry are childhood sweethearts and it matters. At least Steph knows that his appeal from Ayesha goes way beyond his $$$$ in other words they were able to build something Real before the sports mania female fans.

Sportsmen would want to take time if/when, meeting someone ‘after-the-fact’ to find ways to determine what exactly is making them so appealing

Yearning Yonder

Yes the internet is ablaze now with some comments and so but let’s consider what was and was not said…

Yearning for attention to feel ‘I still got it’ in no way suggests yearning to go free from your spouse…and what many are not saying is that Ayesha still looks forward yonder toward her relationship with Steph and likewise with all the female fans Steph continues to show Ayesha is still the 1

Some Curry favor surely would do more sports couples good even if the woman longs for some more attention now and again

To some of you parents it might be (alright please, not again). But for many of our children its worth it…

so again what are some other ways to check in or out that your child is being prepared to conquer their World.

Overprotection reaps resistance

As mentioned in an earlier post in this Series, openness to experience and curiosity is all part of being a developing child (hopefully we keep some of it as adults too)

For some children though, everything is all well and good, the openness is there once it is something that was done with parents or within the home… so in other words the child goes out into the school environment partly prepared to benefit from school because their mindset is …

“this is good once it was done before or something like it was done before with the parents” (and we are not talking here about religious restrictions or beliefs)

for example, Johnny is asked to move his hand in square-like motion looking at the drawing of the square (odd request we agree) but the exercise has a purpose … however Johnny gets in a panic and refuses because “you don’t move your hand like a square, you move it in circles, his parents taught him that…. get the point …

While as parents its important to protect and guide its as important to make room for responsible and safe others (such as teachers, coaches etc.) to be able to teach new things which the kids then can take pleasure in teaching parents

Recover & Resilience…good balance

Now take Johnny again but coming from a more balanced experience… he is asked to move his hands in a square-like motion … being new to him, and being guided by his parents that its natural to move his hands in a circle, and being trained to trust his parents…Johnny pauses and wonders about the request… since his parents also communicated to him that he would meet new and sometimes challenging experiences (a lot of which he could handle with a little effort) he giggles and tries …. that is recovery (coming back from the shock of an unexpected request) and resilience (being able to move forward) … Johnny eventually learned the purpose of the exercise and feels proud of himself for trying

So how do we get there as parents?

Once children understand the needful in terms of warning signs for if/when an adult is hurting them and what to do.. . then its safe to help them to appreciate how other adults become part of their ‘team’ to help them grow and develop

But truth be told some as parents it is we who sometimes need to work a bit more on being able to trust enough to do so.