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Recipe: List of Ingredients for preparing  a dish 

Appetite: Natural desire to satisfy a need

Need: Want for something considered essential

Whenever we put our focus upon something to take it in through any of our senses we are feeding on that thing. We feed on many things. The things we feed on are based on our natural desire to satisfy a need or our appetite.   

we all have a need to feed and we all have needs we wish to satisfy but what we choose to satisfy and how we choose to satisfy those needs is what makes for major differences among us …

There might be the need for

mental stimulation

personal or professional growth and development

keeping knowledgeable and informed

affection from others

admiration from others

sexual satisfaction

sexual variety

respect and regard

excitement and or challenges ……………. and the list can go on and on

Yet two or is it three questions arise here:; 

  1. Does need satisfaction infringe on the rights of others?
  2. Is need satisfaction a cause of harm or hurt to others?
  3. The appetite is it working for or against you in the medium and long term?

Now we might have an appetite for something that is enduring .. its part of our main way of being

Then we might develop an appetite in response to a situation … part of our tendency or thinking after a situation occurs

Either way the question now is ….

Is this a healthy appetite?

Healthy appetite does NOT………………. 

AND sometimes it is a struggle .. it can be a struggle because our need for the thing or things that hurt the ones we cherish might be so deep=seated that we require support to create an appetite for something new … it can be a struggle because the situation impacted us so deeply that despite us knowing in advance the thing we are craving will not be the best for us to have… we feel and are determined to satisfy our appetite and have our need met ……

And so the choice is ours to work continually to create

A Healthy Appetite Recipe


1 full spoon of sincerity

2 or more cups of a positive progressive mindset

3 measures of well expressed emotions


Mix together sincerity and expressed emotions within a context or environment where it can be held and processed and then mixed appropriately into the cups of positive progressive mindset. Pour within and practice the insight and homework from the mixture. Processing time and finished product based on the recipe maker’s own scheduling.

Note: We all are following some sort of recipe for different aspects of our life be sure it is one which helps feed a healthy appetite  

Now many of us would have to agree that there is a rhythm to life and that the beginning of life for us all began at birth with began with copulation/mating between a man and a woman but with that being said is it really sufficient to get a base rhythm thrown together with a punch line and outright directions to our sexuality and label it as music   

What is music really?

Bob MARLEY gained international acclaim within his time and while anyone can produce a sound surely not all can truly produce music.

Music is  “vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.” Is not this here below music? 

A sound on the other hand is a “vibration travelling through the air and are picked up by the ear” With the advent of the internet, podcasts and for some unbridled cash.. anybody can package a sound send it through the airwaves and label it as music. 

But rest assured that that which enters our ear and more so that which our ear focuses on feeds our mind and for the least why would we settle for sounds set to a rhythm when there remains the option of music.

“Children’s early experience shape their whole life trajectories. Even experiences before birth, the conditions that the mother lives in while she’s pregnant, can make changes. And you don’t have to be a neuroscientist to know that these factors can influence one’s whole life,” 

Early Life Experience, Critical Periods, and Brain Development.. by Kayt Sukel

Purposeful Parenting Mechanics… Reconstruction Moves


We hold different positions during our relationships and we take on these positions for different reasons … when it comes to those positions there are two that are quite common standing and sitting 

When we first meet we stand or hold a standing position and in respecting differing abilities those who are unable to stand then their default position is being seated …. either way that is the postion where we get to know, where we observe as we interact before moving forward to the more relaxed postions and the deepening of the relationship and this can apply to any relationship in any context…

Now we can find ourselves sitting just about anywhere on anything and at anytime…. 

but before sitting … the responsbility is ours, yours and mine, to observe where we are, to take note of how we feel, of what has happened and has been happening .. of the type of sitting arrangements being offered to us so we can make an informed decision BEFORE SITTING …

aND WHY ? bECAUSE the consequences of sitting will fall to us and to us alone …. while we love to consider and cling to the notion of poetic justice and karma… consequences remain consequences…

So before sitting …. it is for all of us to consider that the ranting and raving about someone dishing out BS in a relationship and this can be any kind of relationship in any setting … this comes after the fact when the consequences of our sitting is already being experienced … and also when or if we are moved to lament over being given BS in a relationship remember we had the opportunity to do due diligence before …

when and only when this harsh reality is accepted are we able to keep a balanced perspective which then …. empowers us to do which we can to not repeat or limit the BS expereinced in future relationships …

and to those who have been spared such experiences well remember to consider all factors before sitting to limit the feeling and real experience of being given the BS backlash in relationships 

For those managing the BS backlash

For those who want to actively create relationships in some area of life that limit the chances of BS backlash #lifecoaching @t

Two letters make all the difference and exchange of (ea) for (it) or vice versa … but hey let’s face it we know its deeper than that .. so when last week someone uttered the words “Life is a B(it)ch” it occuured to me as well as to that person it would seem that this view of life is called to focus when life does NOT go as pr

edicted ……………. but life is …. and in life being what it is for all our attempts at working to increase the possibilities and probabilities life will always present a margin of error that even the most genuis mathematician would have to accept … life is unpredictable and in so being it is understood that life is a b(it)ch ….

Once we accept this reality of life though then we can go through life in a much more relaxed way even when things do not go as hoped or planned and we are reminded that life is many things including a b(it)ch we can state it simply without excess of emotion but with a soberness and appreciation for all life offers and in so doing we discover more and more how to rest and recover well when life throws curve balls at us and then we find that as we go along life we discover just how much life is a b(ea)ch for those who appreciate all life offers and have a desired mission or goal in some area of life … #lifecoaching available for those managing and processing a recent curve ball online therapy available

Being productive is about bring forth some result some outcome based on efforts 

We were brought here because some to people put  in the work and became productive so productivity is in our DNA … What we might not know is what we want to be productive we want to be productive … where we want to be productive and for how long we might want to be productive and even how much we want to produce a particular thing …. but the actual being productive well that one is in our nature .. so if or when we feel stomped upon and withdraw and or retreat from being productive rest assured that we are going against our nature … #lifecoaching or #therapy might be helpful

Satisfaction ….. its a combination of satisified and action.. if or when we find that we are not satisfied with our outcomes in terms of yielding our proverbial eggs that is getting or realizing what we might have hoped for our selves, job, project, relationships, studies or what have we ,, often the answer might be found in some action or inaction of the mind that is mentally of the body that is factors such as tiredness, poor nutrition or the spirit example being that inner will … the great news is we all have some influence to make changes for the better

Our  Environment is showing clearly that it will not shall not remain silent as it is being ignored and abused by many .. what will our response be .. whatever it is .. it will ultimately impact our relationship with our Environment and while we as mankind have dominion over the Environment .. the Environment continues to hold the upper hand for our quality of life in the now and in the future