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Relationships can keep going for long periods of time even when all involved agree it’s not working, but eventually and sometimes at the weirdest times, it eventually breaks…breakups are tough especially around the holidays, but what is even tougher is if or when we don’t quickly find and deal with relationship “X” trails…

It’s those things we keep on doing that just makes it hard for any relationship to keep together…

Don’t let your “X” trail get away from you! Deal with it and move on.

A Pencil Maker pulled a pencil aside and told him before sending you into the World, here are 5 things to always remember;

  1. You have the ability to do great things but you would need guidance and mentors along the way
  2. You would experience tough periods where you are sharpened, endure it so you come out better
  3. You would make mistakes, mistakes can be dealt with
  4. You might look attractive or unattractive to people, but remember your most important part is on the inside
  5. You are being sent into the World to leave your mark

The pencil took note and was ready to go out into the World with purpose

*Tale adapted from ‘Parable of the Pencil’ ~ Author Unknown

December is ah time where globally people go into looking at their lives, relationships, and other aspects and regretting what has or has not happened, watching others and thinking ‘they got it good’ wishing things to be different…take a listen

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Relationships are little systems of usually two people impacting each other within a broader system impacting the couple. How could we then look only at one side when considering elimination violent behaviors. Is it that emotional violence is a softer violence? And what about when women do it to each other, or do we just want to eliminate violence coming from men?

Missing out pieces of the puzzle makes it almost impossible to solve!


Everyone of us has a family of origin. This family has shaped our attitudes, behaviours and biology. Time taken to understand it and for others coming into the family to understand it and work on improving ‘natural family tendencies’ can support our mental health and that of future generations.

here’s that full interview with the single dad YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK: http://YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK:

So let’s ‘fool’ around with our family of origin, get to know understand it and play with some new ways of being