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So there it was that someone posed the ‘Million Dollar Question’ … Which is the more valuable of the two time or money?

After we have made some basic decisions, for many of us, we daily go through our lives almost on auto-pilot. Waking a particular time, doing the needful, working on current projects be it of a personal or professional (using each in the broadest sense of the word) nature.

And so the real questions are; are you happening to life or is life happening to you? Who is managing your life?

Do you live consciously, exercising freedom of choice when and where possible?

These questions are vital when we consider the T.I.M.E. factor. The T.I.M.E. factor is simply that Tremendous Investments Made Everyday whether we are conscious of it or not, whether we are allowing others to direct our time or not, whether what we are doing with our minutes and seconds day after day, and year after year will bring the type of returns we really care about or not!

Well it’s About Time … is it not? Time that we all invest wisely everyday … and for those of us who would say we do .. then … it’s about Time that we invest wiser everyday … The key thing really is to be conscious of what we are doing with our time … for our moments are invested; so we might consider:

Is this thing truly meaningful for me in terms of what I truly desire for myself?

If I continue to invest my moments as I am now, would I be comfortable with the possible outcomes?

Am I choosing to invest my moments in a particular way, yet expecting the returns of another choice of investment?

These questions will help us bring some very interesting answers to light. These questions might support us toward living truly fully fancy free. 

And so,  here it is that I pose the ‘Two Million Dollar Questions’ … i) Which is the more valuable of the two time or money? and ii) How are you doing in managing the T.I.M.E. factor?

Listened to someone and got this message;

Life is continuously providing us with messages,

When we do not listen … messages become lessons,

If we do not learn … lessons become problems,

When we do not address problems … they become crises,

When crises go unresolved, it becomes chaos….

Got the message?

One key factor that makes us able to socialize well is a ‘Theory of Mind’.

Theory of mind refers to the notion that many autistic individuals do not understand that other people have their own plans, thoughts, and points of view. Furthermore, it appears that they have difficulty understanding other people’s beliefs, attitudes, and emotions.

By not understanding that other people think differently than themselves, many autistic individuals may have problems relating socially and communicating to other people. That is, they may not be able to anticipate what others will say or do in various situations. In addition, they may have difficulty understanding that their peers or classmates even have thoughts and emotions, and may thus appear to be self-centered, eccentric, or uncaring.

Global Warming and other changes, if not arrested, could pose serious challenges to maintaining critical ecosystems and all that comes with it. Yet the allure, the seduction of progress or advancement is so great, that we continue to sacrifice Mother EARTH for the would-be gains.

Yet there is the possibility of a win-win, if we choose to Think GREEN:

THINK G-generate

Each of us came here with; What Our Resources Know.

Our Resources are those natural, inborn talents and skills; some of us came here with a singing resource, a reasoning resource, an artistic resource, a strategic thinking resource, a musical resource, and the list goes on and on….

What our resources know is what eventually leads us into those jobs for which we are best suited. The great thing is that for each of us there are many options. The other thing to remember is once we find any one of what our resources know (W.O.R.K.) we always do good W.O.R.K.

Here’s Saluting your Good W.O.R.K!

Sometimes we have the best intentions on entering a new relationship and we behave accordingly yet things still go off course

And, it is simply that……

Some persons are addicted to:

R-Registering REGRET
A-Activating ANGER

So do investigate previous relationships …………… in other words

“Buyer Beware”