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: BOSS Parenting Webinar

Our children are our little VIPs. Well at least for parents who care. But VIPs often require a certain type of treatment. Also there are different types, times and kinds of VIPs. And so it is that these 7 BOSS Parenting Packages support parents in creating the best possible environments, interactions and approaches for these very important people in their lives.

These BOSS Webinars are designed for the single or coupled parent to work toward bringing out selfconfident sane sincere selves in their children through a combination of relationship online seminars (webinars) using videoconferencing, that would be customized based on the identified desired outcomes from the Webinar topics.

The BOSS Parenitng Webinar Package would include 3 online relationship coaching sessions using livechat video; an intial session, a mid-Webinar Package review and a closing session. Each Webinar Package would include a total of 3 mini-webinars; 30 minute online seminars delivered over a three-month period. The reason for the time-frame is to allow for the meaningful working in of the new relationship habits/behaviours.