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Sometimes it pays to take a little more time and do it real slow especially when the stakes are quite high

E.I. … on the surface the two might look quite the same but the results are oh so different

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It is the Business of each parent to let Baby know how special he or she is…but is it good Business when our little Celebrity comes on and begins to run the show

The parenting style we tend to adopt shows how we are managing with raising our little celebrity

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Try as Ana May might she was unable to pull from her beloved Dick the love and commitment she wanted from her relationship and her Anabel was not doing the trick…

Postpartum ….

This was no ordinary postpartum but the type that came because of a mourning for a relationship that was …the type that came because the child trick had not worked ..

so “I starve you starve”

Anabel would now become exposed to what Ana was exposed to as a child…

NOT being loved for the essence of who they were but being loved if and only if…

Anabel got love when or if her baby actions were interpreted as comforting Ana

Anabel got love when or if someone mentioned how much she resembled her daddy

Anabel got love when or if Ana needed to feel indispensable…

(outside of that Anabel was deemed a nuisance and a trigger for Ana May’s postpartum depression …she took time away from Ana May being able to mourn and track down her Dick)

Without realizing it Anabel was creating another her…another woman who was being conditioned from early that they were not worthy of love just because they were naturally worthy but only when or if they made the object of their desire happy..only if or when they worked tirelessly to please the object of their affections and even so another woman was being conditioned that no matter what they did they would never become loved for who they were in a real way for they were always there to simply be useful to another just as Anabel was a tool to save a relationship

The truth can be a bitter pill but it can also be our saving grace if worked through….What would become of Ana May….

Tune in next week for more as Ana May goes back in time 

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For some the idea and thought of death is thought better to suppress because of the anxiety it creates….

But death

one of life’s realities… a reality that if we keep it in perspective can help us to live our best lives with each day we are blessed to sing…

and so today celebrating the life of one who found his gift and shared it with World….

Music from the late Michael Toby 

While blessed to SING your potential to the World do so to the fullest

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East or West he explains it does not matter… there are more appealing things that having character he explains…how much like is my life worth he explains… do we understand that a generation is being created that are losing themselves….and are not taking themselves to find themselves beyond what they are told from others…do we understand that there are people who will stop at nothing to maintain an impression…and literally stop at nothing…

yet we feed this everyday and some of us introduce it to our children before they can even speak….and unfortunately like he says they become prisoners to the pain of always feeling not good enough for there worth is now fully based on being who they think people want them to…

and so he sadly declares “I am I am I am a sick boy!” (and he is using boy as we use man) so girls are included 

#narcissism when or if you get into a relationship with someone like this just bow down and never rise…if you want it to work anytime you raise your head…trouble

unfortunately the best they can offer is their partner being part of keeping up an image and if you dare do anything against it well..and know this their partner is just like their cellphone just their to help create perfect selfies


Thrash It! sometime its time to Thrash it! what? something that is no longer working….

So our car shuts we just sit there and brood and wonder why me? or do we begin contacting other drivers or others who can show us the ropes and jump-start new phase in our career or introduce us to a new workable income source.

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“This time!” “This time!” “almost there!” becoming a “fed ex addict” it happens over time

and it begins to spill over into other areas of life…a wondering “am I good enough?” ..”why can’t I ever get it right?” …

feelings of helplessness and hopelessness begins to show up and it becomes a vicious cycle which might or might not expire….

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