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As a mental health professional you become an advocate for certain things, it is usually because in a very real way you hear see and feel the effects of certain things, one such thing that is true for KarryOn is ABUSE in all its different forms

There is an ‘Ostrich Effect’ for many of us where ABUSE is concerned yet day after day children are being burdened with “the secret” that hurts ….

Apart from the “Ostrich Effect” of Sexual Abuse, with the advent of technology there seems to be another form of Abuse that goes across the age span. While we are very aware that it happens, when in fact it does again there is that “Ostrich Effect”

Molestation is defined as assaulting someone sexually but it is also defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as “ pestering or harassing someone in a hostile way ”  Is this not cyber-bullying? Is this not bullying? Is this not harassment? So it would seem that with time and technology while still trying to manage one form of molestation we have ushered in another.

Unlike the type that is more common with little children, the second Harassment As Molestation aka Bullying might affect ANYONE OF US IN ANY SOCIAL STANDING AT ANY TIME IN OUR LIVES might be something to think about whether you are enjoying the sand or have your head above the sand and continue to speak out. 



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The concept of the ‘ex’ is one that has made for many a memorable movie and popular pop songs … 

The reality of the ‘ex’ has led to difficulties in many a relationship … 

'Ex' marks many things but could a 'new' relationship really be one of those things?
‘Ex’ marks many things but could a ‘new’ relationship really be one of those things?

Interestingly how we seem to take this concept of the ‘ex’ and accept it as the reality of what an ‘ex’ really is … 

The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘ex’ as not including  or former a prefix meaning out … yet in many a movie or song or life in general the ‘ex’ is associated with the one who is very much included and is not ‘let go’ or ‘will not let go’ …. And of course  it begs the question of ‘Is this a true ‘ex’?

It would seem that many a time what passes for anex’ in a relationship, is simply a relationship triad, where either the supposed ‘ex’  continues along with the supposed newcomer either by the insistence of the ‘ex’ or the person who is mutual to both the ‘ex’ and the newcomer … And just to be clear there is no remote attempt at judgement here either way … but just a commentary on a very popular common relationship phenomenon …. And in case you might be wondering how this even came up … 

There is a song that has really caught my attention of late and it is not just the skill of the singer but the feel of the song and the words being sung … it is the peaceful resolve that is evident … the absence of bitterness … the acceptance of the past … the unspoken working through of the pain of disappointment in a love relationship … in other words it was the evident picture in this song of the rarely seen TRUE ‘EX’: