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E-Counselling with KarryOn Services is a short-term, internet-based relationship via PrivacEmail, where two persons interact either by mailing or chat toward addressing the presented concerns of one person by utilizing the strengths, abilities and resources of the former and the professional expertise of the other.

The relationship is one of mutual respect, collaboration and exploration.

E-Coaching with KarryOn Services is a short-term, internet-based relationship via PrivacEmail, where two persons interact either by mailing or chat with a deliberate focus on some future goal of one person, both persons interact identifying the most appropriate skills and strategies for the person to realize that identified future goal, be it personal, social or career-oriented.

E-Counselling/coaching is an ideal service if you may not find it convenient or comfortable to attend in-person sessions. You can engage in counselling or coaching without an appointment and connect with a counsellor in the privacy of your own space.

Also, online counselling/coaching clearly does offer a degree of anonymity that reduces social stigma; good if you might otherwise have hesitated.

This type of counselling/coaching goes by so many names such as cyberspace counselling, e-therapy, e-counselling and tele-counselling.

Available for all 24/7 online, check out our website, ask that question, leave a comment; follow instructions and begin the process right away. Contact between you & Karry-On is confidential.

Your e-visit is private with a safe & secure encrypted  system made  for online support. We also do a housekeeping welcome with all new to Karry-On with extra guidelines.

Variant ways to communicate

Most communication through the internet is in written form. Online counselling/coaching, in which the mode of communication is often through writing via mailing or a chat room, allows both the client and the therapist to pay close attention to their communication and reflect on their thoughts and feelings prior to it being expressed.

This may be a particularly suitable way of communication if you experience difficulty expressing yourself in words.

FAQ’s Guide

KarryOn communications re: absence of verbal and nonverbal cues

While some advantages were presented previously; in the absence of verbal and non-verbal cues there are also disadvantages.
Verbal and nonverbal interactions are considered essential for effective communication, understanding what someone is feeling and for identifying the discrepancies or incongruence’s between verbal and none verbal behaviours.

Online counselling/coaching has been criticized for lacking such important elements of the micro skills especially for counselling.

Online therapy does not give an indication of characteristics such as voice tone, facial expression, body language and eye contact. This can potentially impact negatively on the outcomes as there is no opportunity to observe and interpret such cues.

For this reason KarryOn Services has been adequately trained to address these matters during interactions to work for similar or even improved outcomes as might be realized during face-to-face counselling/coaching.

KarryOn Services personnel are Certified Cyber Counsellor(s)

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