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So what’s trending these days ….another case of men and women who suffer from P M S….




Who are our recent examples of person with PMS?


What are the symptoms of PMS?

  1. This type of PMS has a starter and a finisher…for the starter the symptoms includes the belief that his/her position of authority and or influence aka POWER when combined with his/her MONEY gives him/her an entitlement to behave as regards to SEX  relations with another or others, however they might like without any regard for the feelings, thoughts or impact on their finisher. For the finisher the symptoms include a mild, moderate or severe feeling of helplessness and hopelessness when considering the alternative of not agreeing to the SEX relations in light of the MONEY and POWER which the starter possesses.
  2. The starter walks around thinking of himself/herself as untouchable due to his/her dynamic trio of POWER MONEY & SEX and continues to seek out prey at their fancy.
  3. The finisher walks around feeling jilted and cheated by life and either learns now to attract other starters for their survival or else aims to get lots of POWER MONEY and SEX and move from being a finisher to a starter.

What is the unique thing about this PMS?

Unlike the other PMS we know of that are linked to the potential joys of birthing new life….this type of PMS = POWER MONEY SEX…leads to a sort of sub_human existence, for the starter they now bring out their reptilian brain and cannibalism and walk true life as if in a jungle, fully on id, the pleasure principle where their drive is for more POWER more MONEY to allow for more SEX on their terms….for the finisher they now walk around as a turtle constantly moving with extreme care and caution and instead of boldly forging progressively through life move with the awareness that PMS can strike at any moment

Are you or someone you know been a sufferer of PMS? We can support you to #carryon without those symptoms that make our daily existence miserable or way below par…


Marvin said it we need to wake up to sexual healing…and this is true in so many ways for so many of us…

  1. There comes a time when we get ‘that feeling’ if or when that happens and we ignore it then sure enough we need sexual healing…the type that comes from releasing pent up unexpressed energies
  2. Sometimes though because of experience we might be inclined to look for our sexual healing in ways or by means that are either morally or legally negative….e.g. through children, by using force or intimidation, or by moving away from people and towards porn sites
  3. On the other end sometimes we actually do need sexual healing because it begins to hurt other areas of our lives, e.g. sexual compulsions and/or addictions
  4. Additionally too sometimes we need sexual healing because based on our past experience we seek our sexual ‘healing’ by using others..making them think we want a relationship when all we want is sex
  5. And connected to that sometimes we need sexual healing because we have fallen into a pattern where we allow others to continually use us for their sexual healing and all we get in return is sexual hurting

And then there are times when we just need that sexual healing that we can get from expressing ourselves with our partner and/or finding appropriate outlets to express and release that ‘feeling’…which ones do you do most…

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It is the right of each child to be given a safe and healthy environment for their development….

do we really know how many children are abused Worldwide? Too Many!

are we aware of how many people abused as children develop mental health concerns? Too Many!

Listen to some sound advise from sexologist

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Oh…Ahhhhhhhhhh……yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …. some of us only associate these with a certain size…some of us with moving ‘unhindered’ ….but

Sorry its Real Talk ‘n Real Time…so no hush hush here!

well free to disagree but here is what our Sex Coach shared….ah boi…hope you ready?

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