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Being elderly means we are older than someones and the more of an elder we are the more someones we are older than… 

But gone are those days when everyone took being an elder to mean diseased dysfunctional dying … many persons are now investing in their health and wellbeing and living active lives making a contribution

Becoming an elder is simply another life change or transition … Transition Coaching @

Old is often associated with yesteryear and young is not often associated with old

but consider this though;

no matter our age .. we are asked how old are you? … and it is in fact that we are getting older .. and that goes for all ages

if we were to actually answer how old are you very completely we can give our age in … years …months….weeks…days…hours…minutes…seconds

all because we are only as …


Youth do well to be reminded that while they are not old they are only as young as yesterday ..


well for starters getting older is associated with getting wiser because we are exposed to experiences from which we learn… so if in youth there is an attitude of  young as yesterday then there might be a relishing of embracing all that new experiences bring in terms of the ability to learn something that might be applied in the coming days weeks months or years ahead

also it might help with more youth being more active planners and creators of their future destiny by not becoming to giddy headed with the much worshiped either of youth but remaining centered…enjoying all that youth brings but thinking and behaving more for an appreciation if the continuum of life..

and only as young as yesterday might even help the old to appreciate that today they will always be younger than they would be tomorrow and so embrace life more fully and purposefully …

because …

for us all we are not yet as old as we could be but for us all too we are not as young as we once were


The main thing emphasized about old is time has gone… 

and sometimes it is flipped by society as “old=your time has passed” in other words old =

expired … out of date

and it is this attitude that lies behind the trepidation that many associate with aging …. and so many experience a drastic drop in self-esteem and feelings of worthiness with being deemed “old” …

ironically then some try to do things to suggest a distance from any association with “old” and it actually gives more fodder for those who look on at the efforts and re-emphasize that person as outdated

but societal cultural norms will be what they are until we choose differently and that it is… a cultural societal norm .. to deem “old” as outdated..

although the norms cannot be shaken … there are some who are in fact operating within a ‘date’ a time period that they think of as ‘home’ and so refuse to adjust and adapt and this is one way in which the old at times tend to work against the cause of ageism ….

so for those who are deemed “old” by others or are self-declared “old” or fall within a descriptor for “old” it  might do well to consider in what ways; 

behaviours adopted are leading to being left behind when or where it is absolutely avoidable … and

when it is that the label of outdated works against or might work against how or what is being put in place to mitigate any risks

p.s. with the increase in the number of elders… elder abuse is now a very real issue ….

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To yearn is to youth especially in specific ways … you notice it even as soon as that babe settles.. they begin to reach out to explore.. there is that yearning to know, to learn, to grow, to experience, to understand … 

(aside) and that is why the child or teen who is turned away from learning or life in general is a distressed person because to yearn is natural for youth

So yearning where does that yearning leads .. well for sure it gives the excitement and exuberance of youth and to some degree the optimism too  … and why not after all when the world sees youth it sees its future and opens doors and opportunities not just for the youth but in the interest of mankind in general ..

and yet with all this great energy there are pitfalls and risk factors…

Youth tend to be much more open to experimentation and that is for better or for worse … since some of the things which might be appealing might well rob youth of its taking advantage of its open doors and opportunities

 and here again is where we value the opinions of our old who can give some well thought out and well said pieces of counsel and advice just so that youthful yearning works in favour of and not against the time of youth

and there is more..

yearning also suggests  a strong feeling because of loss of something 

this deserves taking Centre stage since so often the scourge of youth which is most ironic .. is when yearning cannot be tamed and gives way to wild abandonment because the youth feels that if they do not experience this now it is a forever lost opportunity or if they do not experience all that friends are experiencing their youth is lost for ever and so despite that wise counsel of the old .. the yearning for the ‘denied’ experience increases to the point where the youth must have his/her own way …

only to realize that the yearning was much bigger and better than the actual experience and sometimes a safer feeling to hold and manage as hard as it seemed at the time than the pain of “if only if only if only”

So what then …

it is for youth to appreciate that yearning is part of what this age stage and phase of life would bring …

it pushes and pulls .. this yearning in different directions so grab hold of those people those resources that can help to manage that yearning direct that yearning and help it to be a favour to this time of youth instead of it being otherwise 

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There are certain liberties that come with age… and that is to speak what others dare not say … 

notwithstanding there are also certain labels that come with age … and its that of being ‘stuck-in-the-mud’ or in other words opinionated …

and it is that label of ‘old and opinionated’ that may times work against both the old and the young and youthful …

when the older person or elderly speaks it as they view it … especially if done so vehemently and there is no room for the young to either have their say or feel respectfully listened to .. then unfortunately each loses as the older person feels frustrated and the younger person misses the opportunity to benefit from any wisdom their elder might have imparted … so remember that the young cannot “shout” as loud as you since they have not yet been granted that position … it is therefore for the old to consider;   

and allow it to guide how the young are spoken to or even better conversed with 

But Old And Opinionated can also be a scourge of sorts as most labels tend to become; 

  • employers sometimes favour bringing younger employees onboard because their is a perception they tend to be more malleable
  • certain fields also favour endorsing and investing in younger persons because ironically they are aware that others might perceive the older person in a particular way
  • in terms of romantic relationships sometimes older is a disadvantage because the person is considered stuck in ways that tend to be perceived as more negative ways than positive

And then sometimes Old And Opinionated is just that Old And Opinionated

some do a real disservice to self in our ever-changing World by hanging on to the experience gained over the years and closing off all new incoming information about what is happening and so closing off all new opportunities to learn and be better adapted to the World as it currently exists … and it is this group with the bigger group that gives rise to supporting the labels and views attached to older persons ….

so where do you fall within old and opinionated? how do you manage with the discrimination of the label ‘old and opinionated’? and if you are in the young and youthful, what is your perception? and how does your perception influence your interaction with those older than you?

We live in an intergenerational World and yet like with all other classifications, we often rob ourselves of maximizing on the benefits by ostracizing one generation from another…. we teach all and we learn from all .. that is if we dare

Now one cannot help but wonder what would lead a guy a regular guy according to reports 

“He was just a guy,” Eric Paddock told The Daily Mail. “Something happened, he snapped or something, he was just a guy.”

to carry out shootings in Vegas from his apartment room during a Concert … we might never know…

yet the location of Vegas is hard to not notice … most of us have heard it said before “what happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas” and we use it when we want to ‘shut up’ some person or persons about what happens but there are 3 realities we fail to recognize;

  1. Words are put one form of communication … so sure people can ‘shut up’ about what is happening or what happened but we are all mind body and spirit and every action has an energy that went with it that will eventually show itself in some way … so maybe our Vegas shooter had been ‘shutting up’ for years months days but eventually the energy of what happened must show itself it is a universal law
  2. Osmosis is cosmic…. meaning even if all the people who were involved in what ever happened in Vegas were to be locked in a room… and were to eventually die off after years .. even so eventually someone would begin to find evidence of what happened seeping through even centuries later … just ask an archeologist they would tell you … and so maybe our Vegas shooter had an angry response to something that happened a while ago and with the passage of time a trigger presented reminded of this anger having been locked up for so long might have reached the point of rage and the trigger might then be just the thing to have allowed this felt anger to come blasting through in his aggression in Vegas
  3. Everything is connected .. just as Vegas is connected to planet Earth and the cosmos… so to our actions though seemingly unconnected and according far apart in some even minuscule measure will trickle to connect with and impact others … so really no action done in Vegas can ever truly stay in Vegas alone … and so our Vegas shooter might not even have had a direct reason to aggress so violently against anyone in the crowd… yet in some way his aggression found its way and made a connection on that day at that time at that place in that room to those people

Sure lots of articles and sentiments would be expressed and it is a tragedy for sure and the condolences send to those who have lost loved ones can NEVER EVER suffice or create any true solace …. so given that reality maybe we can after still out of our humanness and humanity expressing our condolences dig deeper



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We live in a society that relishes and rewards youth … we associate youth with opportunity and vitality .. so it is sheer irony to set aside an “International Day of Older Persons”

Yet there is one and it was celebrated yesterday.. here is some more info

This years theme was … “Stepping Into The Future: Tapping The Talents, Contributions and Participation of Older Persons in Society” … again massively brutal irony …

here is why … because how we step into the future matters … and when our culture messes with our mind .. indirectly suggesting that youth means vitality and becoming older means decline .. then our steps into the future if we accept the subtle communications can only be feeble …

and feeble steps can hardly be fully tapped for the talents and contributions .. far more for that person participating and being active …

So let’s put first things first shall we … especially us women

we must consciously decide how we age and that begins with supporting our health of mind body and spirit and we must do it daily and consciously by the thoughts we accept and feed upon, by the time we invest in preventative and proactive health measures as much as we can, by doing things to preserve and even improve our functioning over time …

because of course older men and women in our society are a well of wealthy knowledge wisdom and experience … and when/if we can tap that talent and encourage their contribution and participation we as a society are always the better for it …

And since we are always older than someone we can start today Stepping Into Our Future.. (which starts now) : and Tapping Our Talents, and making Contributions and Participating in a way to support help and guide those younger than us