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Benefits of Tantra for Healing by MindBodyGreen

Our choice of romantic interest or partner for life can greatly impact our lives in many ways…the greatest of which is “Our Stress Factor” …

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Even when we reach that place of realizing the relationship is unhealthy and toxic leaving is a process for which we need be patient with ourselves while also finding the support to actually leave…

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sex …

not our moral conduct … not the number of partners we have had… .not whether we have been good or bad…

not promiscuity…. 

first and foremost risk is sex…. once we have had….once we do have…once we might one day have… sex then that is the foremost risk factor … the other factors are spin offs of someone persons having .. yes right back to it … sex.. 

yet often we remain careless and casual about sex…..


and sure we might have sex casually but even so is there really a reason to be careless or casual about sex?

especially when it helps to learn our ABC’s ….

Abstain …. (not the only option)

Be faithful (not the only option)

Condomize … important one

Yes yes heard it before … ‘he doesn’t like to wear condoms’ but ‘she is allergic to the material’  … well in that case and in all cases it remains our choice how we conduct ourselves sexually …but even if we choose to go/accept ‘free willy’ sex we can maintain a steady testing schedule helping to ensure we keep a check on our status…

and we have improved our medical regime considerably so if our status changes it remains possible to have support to work at remaining as healthy as possible ….

as we go through life in the 21st Century as Lyfe puts it “It’s Real”


At its CORE A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!N______~~~~~x^I^e)))))))))t-y is based on an eXcessive focus on SOME FUTURE  THAT one does not feel able to handle

Meditation teaches how to @STEADY THE MIND @Recognize that your THOUGHTS are not your REALITY and can be MANaged by you and @Trains you to focus on the Present Moment 

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