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On reviewing Mind Gym, Ben Grenshaw noted;

” Believing in yourself is paramount to success for any athlete”

Life is a Game

Mind Gym is a perfect explanation of what we enter when we enter this life…each experience we meet challenges us to exercise our minds…those of us who think/feel/act for one minute as if we can cruise through this life lazy about exercising our minds, we wake one day to discover that others are


and this F.A.T. is often times unhealthy…. so today for starters what sort of exercises have you began in your Mind Gym?

Even for athletes guess what Yogi Berra said;

” Ninety percent of the game is half mental”

And trust me I’ve been there and we all either have been there or will get there…

Where is there? That place where you need to train @ your Mind Gym a bit more often and a bit harder because of the road ahead…to really be able to deal with that marathon/obstacle course …..

So to all our Gym goers looking nice and fit….remember what Bruce Jenner said; 

” you have to train your mind like you train your body”

because what you think affects how you feel and perform…

Happy Performing People!

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So you got yourself a service or a product….Wooowho?

and it’s literal wooooowho?

who will you woooo?

Well when woooooing a potential customer or client there are 5 essentials…

and How we KarryOn The Caribbean Current Marketing makes it happen…

  1. Its one thing to name your business… when we create an authentic article… that article that brings to life what it is you do in the realest of ways… your business gets named by your customers and clients..wooowho?
  2. So you got yourself a URL? …..when we create that article either by playing a pun, highlighting a unique feature….your customers and clients Understand Reasons Literally(URL)….they get the URL..the AHA….this is how they can help..they might even have new suggestions for your business
  3. So you got your biz colour on and its official, you got the images that work for your biz…wooowho? ….when we get that article written…your customers and clients raise their hands and say “here I am” and “think x or y might be interested to” now there is Brand Identity  
  4. Yep…got that logo…like it….with an article circulated throughout the world wide web that identifies your unique space being identified on the market… your customers and clients…get a logo response…what’s that? have you ever heard a powerful chant where there is a starter chant and a response being made…well who wants a charter chant as a business…and then just to sit their and be waiting for a response… 
  5. Of COURSE you know business you know your customers…its basic..but do your customers know you? do your customers feel you? might your customers know that their are other customers you did not know of? well that’s what happens when you KarryOn The Caribbean Current Advertising…

It’s already the 12th of the New Year 2018

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