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As we grow we imagine how life would be, especially as a teen. Well as a teen things took an unexpected turn. Exam results were in, not the best results…

Unexpected twists & turns

It meant for me, not moving along with friends @ that time into College/University but going off to work and study part-time to eventually enter College/University @ a later date.

As a teen, it was nothing short of terribly devastating (and if you recall teen years or are parenting a teen, you really know what that means)

Meeting Mr. Wright

Then the day came, walking into the interview room to screen for the start of my ‘short-term’ “career” as a teacher. Looking around the room, thinking of my friends, this ‘new life’ and then this kind-eyed short Teddy-looking man asks the question, “what makes you want to become a teacher?” “ha! I thought, because right now I need to…” but then his eyes were so kind, his way was so patient that I found myself searching myself and replied “I really love children and enjoy supporting their development” (remember thinking wow, never knew that…just learnt something about myself, ‘this man must be a real teacher’) then he asked, “what makes you think, being so little, with many of the children being bigger than you that they would ‘respect you’?” … (respect…again never thought of that) but responded “because I might be little but I can handle myself” and he laughed we both did.

Teacher Wright

Yesterday was the Memorial Service for Mr. Wright. Mr. Wright would always be remembered as the teacher who in a sense ‘saved me’ (seems strong a word) but yes saved me and gave guidance. Without him realizing it, he helped bring cheer to a moment when things felt depressing, he helped me find my passion (working with young people, supporting human development), he helped me very early in my career to appreciate that if there is no respect, there can be no enduring genuine professional relationship, ironically he was like a #lifecoach pointing me in the direction of my future, helping me find my ‘True North’ my calling all when life seemed off cours…e!

Today as an educator, trained therapist, certified life coach, and psychologist-in-training ultimately the aim is to support others to their ‘True North’ and finding their ‘right’ direction

P.S. Also remembering a past co-worker Mr. Howe

Those of us who find job satisfaction and have a passion for what we do, how we spend most of our day, we might be in different fields/areas, but the main part of the story is the same, somehow the Universe kept pointing us in the direction of our passion, simple story of Discovering Chef Barry is another example of PASSION meeting PURPOSE;

Life Coaching can get us to discover our passion and purpose

{Aside commentary} immediately recognized 2 Uruguay players even before they scored…guess who?

#carryon tip work hard…that way our benefit proceeds us for the better…

so there is no way Russia could have sped ahead thinking…Uruguay would be an easy contender …

admire then Russia #carryon to show up…. no doubt using the energy of their supporters to usher them forward…

even so one had to wonder if Russia was slooooowed slowwwed and thrown off by…

the Undisputable Uruguay … experience…skill…calm cool confidence…remarkable chemistry…excellent positioning (good #17 placement) and wonderful defending …

#goodcarryon is when we bring our strengths together and connect to score ….and that Uruguay surely did…

and Russia though working to keep pace (irony notable) seemed ridiculously reduced in speed…

1st Experienced Top Striker … #11 Suarez did his thing …GOAL!!!!!! and this player knows team work

#carryon ..know your strengths play as for the team

and not only speed on the field but speed of thought and strategy…

so much so…

Russia supported uRUGUAY who needed no help … and scored

an own goal to give the boys in blue two….

abd again a big boo-boo happened as speed of thought seemed to have left the #23 Russian player… already on a yellow… yet not thinking quick emough ..making the mistake to tackle taking his yellow to orange….

#carryon tip keep calm and think things through under pressure…so it was

Eleven Against Ten … what Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hmm under Uruguay already and now giving the opponent more to feast on…. and feasting with eleven against ten they did….with

our 2nd Experienced Top Striker beating away at that net and eventually it had to succumb to the efforts…and it was #10 Cavani this time…like Suarez…knowing his strength and playing for the team….GOAL!!!!!!!!!

#carryon tip …no matter the past wins…study the current opponent strengths …

so Russia reduced under Uruguay 9 playing 6 going forward

#nothing for you must be Uruguay team sound for the 1st goals conceded  

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Thrash It! sometime its time to Thrash it! what? something that is no longer working….

So our car shuts we just sit there and brood and wonder why me? or do we begin contacting other drivers or others who can show us the ropes and jump-start new phase in our career or introduce us to a new workable income source.

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We live in a World that has created a culture of ‘youth worship’ … and its a culture that we love…

what are the young then to do?

Research shows that the adolescent brain is still in that stage of development, and that the area being developed during this stage of life might be linked to the adolescent not fully appreciating the consequences of choices.

When we notice our youth acting out in schools and we hear ‘complimentary’ comments on ‘these young people’ or Generation Z … we cannot help but wonder at the dilemma of our culture of youth worship

In our culture of youth worship how long do our little demi-gods truly get for unconditional regard and understanding of their stage of development and real guidance from the adults in their lives without the psychological war breaking out …

that is the insecurity and feeling of generational competition triggered by our global culture of ‘youth worship’

could our culture of ‘youth worship’ have many of those who might lead secretly resenting the youth with all their youthful behaviours and so instead of truly embracing them and guiding and seeking to understand it becomes a sort of ‘us’ against ‘them’ with the young people being left on their own way too early to figure it all out … could it be too that we assume that once youth looks like young people success socializing good grades academic striving … that we assume nothing further is needed .. forgetting that the young are just that young and new to all what the older ones have come to know and accept as part of life

One wonders then and it is not a blame game .. but how is our culture of youth worship  colouring  how we look at our youth .. what we say and do not say to them… how we relate with them and if we even give them a major benefit ideally of being young and youthful … the listening ear and guidance of an older loved one.. or is it our demi-gods are now way too privileged for such  … with many of their behaviours being labelled and or shrugged off as ‘things young people do’

We eat but we can also be eating by others who are not literally carnivores .. all because we get lost somewhere in the interaction and take on a camouflage that makes it hard to be found and the more we do this the more the “one who is inclined to hunt” makes us his or her prey

Eventhough this life can get really wild we need to know how to remain TAME as often as and when it matters most 

“Children’s early experience shape their whole life trajectories. Even experiences before birth, the conditions that the mother lives in while she’s pregnant, can make changes. And you don’t have to be a neuroscientist to know that these factors can influence one’s whole life,” 

Early Life Experience, Critical Periods, and Brain Development.. by Kayt Sukel

Purposeful Parenting Mechanics… Reconstruction Moves

Author Carolyn Correia really helps us appreciate the process or struggle to find out carry on and as she shares here her thoughts out loud we discover some of the many ins and outs in the maze we enter to truly live our lives with Passion & Purpose … take a listen  … for more you can follow on her youtube channel and stay connected for her next upcoming stimulating Book Talk & Jazz