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Career Satisfaction

Those of us who find job satisfaction and have a passion for what we do, how we spend most of our day, we might be in different fields/areas, but the main part of the story is the same, somehow the Universe kept pointing us in the direction of our passion, simple story of Discovering Chef Barry is another example of PASSION meeting PURPOSE;

Life Coaching can get us to discover our passion and purpose

Satisfaction ….. its a combination of satisified and action.. if or when we find that we are not satisfied with our outcomes in terms of yielding our proverbial eggs that is getting or realizing what we might have hoped for our selves, job, project, relationships, studies or what have we ,, often the answer might be found in some action or inaction of the mind that is mentally of the body that is factors such as tiredness, poor nutrition or the spirit example being that inner will … the great news is we all have some influence to make changes for the better

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Author Carolyn Correia really helps us appreciate the process or struggle to find out carry on and as she shares here her thoughts out loud we discover some of the many ins and outs in the maze we enter to truly live our lives with Passion & Purpose … take a listen  … for more you can follow on her youtube channel and stay connected for her next upcoming stimulating Book Talk & Jazz


Whether we are or are not in our ideal job

Whether or not we do or do not appreciate our supervisors/managers leadership style .. or as  supervisors/managers appreciate the attitudes of our direct reports

Whether or not we are self-employed

Whether we are stay-at-home moms/dads

Whether we are or are not enjoying a current work project

Our work experience will change drastically for the good if we get into





Find something, some aspect no matter how minute of the work we engage in daily and

the time goes by without our realizing

the work itself seems so much easier

our mood improves for the better

and our MANIC Mondays are no more … for we begin to

Make Monday MAGIC …….. 

and it continues all week through

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