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We, in the Caribbean, do not greet groundhogs; these giant underground squirrels found in North America. However, we in the Caribbean, do greet the first twelve days of each year, making observations as each day supposedly predicts our weather pattern for each month. In Canada and North America though, it is these fat underground squirrels that predict whether winter goes on for another six weeks or whether spring comes in. Every second day of the second month of the year, February 2, the groundhog supposedly comes looking for its shadow which is only seen in sunny weather. If it sees its shadow, the cold winter goes on for another six weeks.  

Many of us look forward to visitng Magic Kingdom Park in Disney World. There we would hardly find our groundhogs, and these animals definitely would not understand the words from Disney’s Frozen,“the cold never bothered me anyway”

“The cold never bothered me anyway”, sadly words never to be sang again, if ever it was, by two University students who were found frozen Dangerous outcomes for these students came about as they both became “… one with the wind and sky” words from Frozen

Forget Frozen, Remember Gobal Warming

Globally we seem to be living an unrelenting Groundhog Day of extreme floodings, harsh hurricanes and odd weather patterns. In this way, ‘groundhog day’ refers to the series of unwelcome weather patterns that appear to be recurring in exactly the same way; that is worsening over time. How then could we cooly sing “the cold never bothered us anyway”? After all, the University of Iowa student was found frozen during the 51-Degree wind chill of the 8th Polar Vortex. The U.S. Postal Services suspended mail deliveries in ten States during the Polar Vortex

So the cold bothers us for sure! But how do we get this Polar Vortex? A vortex exists at the earth’s poles where a wide expanse of cold air; the jet stream, keeps circulating within a specific region of the pole. If the vortex at the North Pole weakens; gets cooler, then the expanse of circulating cold air changes form, causing part of it to break off and push towards the South causing outbreaks of extreme cold temperatures in the United States. This is when the vortex is called a Polar Vortex.   

“The snow glows white on the mountain tonight, not a footprint to be seen” words from Frozen could well be taken as a warning. A warning for each of us to reduce our carbon footprints and have that reduction felt by our planet. Much has been spoken of the reduction not in carbon footprints but in the Arctic Sea Ice, with reported rates of twelve percent per decade. Some scientists predicting an ice-free Arctic by 2030.  The recent fatalities are  reminders that the cold does in fact ‘bother us’. But more than that, it is the warmth, the extreme warmth that is the real culprit.

Tourists are invited to embrace the Caribbean sun, sea and sand. Nowadays though, we also have to encourage precautions since we might have ‘too much of a good thing’ at least regarding the sun. It is this same sunlight that is managing sea ice levels. During the winter the Arctic Sea Ice grows and melts during Summer. However, as the ocean currents reaching the North Pole become warmer and warmer the amount of Arctic Ice being produced is decreasing greatly.

Some more wisdom in Frozen brings the reminder of being “… one with the wind and sky”. Everything is connected. Arctic sea ice is part of our global climate system since the polar ice caps regulates our global temperature by reflecting sunlight back into space. 

Mankind, we all are also part of our global climate system. Unfortunately many of us are that part that is contributing to system imbalances.  The impact of an ice-free Arctic are far-reaching, and could trigger catastrophic climate change in the future. Although it might not readily be appreciated how sea ice decline impacts the region, simple observation of our eratic weather patterns begs our recognition of global warming.

Go Green

We already know some man-made culprits, one being plastic. Good news is the possibility of having plastic-eating bacteria help reduce this waste

Even so there is only so much that science can do. Thankully, we also have those within the region who have started taking action to have footprints be seen.


Recently floods devoured belongings in many homes in the Caribbean isle of Trinidad & Tobago. Today November 6, 2018, Hindus in this country celebrate Divali…

Depressing Divali?

A popular festival in Hinduism, Diwali/Divali symbolizes “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.

The festival usually involves cleaning of homes and lighting deyas  in preparation for the blessings of  wealth and prosperity

So it is easy to become depressed … as a Hindu hit by flash flooding looks around and ironically notices less material possessions due to the destruction from flash flooding

The Hindu Devotee can easily long for their old belongings that made up part of their wealth/possessions in the past before the floods came  …

Time for a Divali Deep Dive

It is then that that Hindu devotee would need to really think deeply about what Divali represents and swim through depressing thoughts and dive into a … new mindset more in keeping with what Divali symbolizes

Delightful Divali


On Divali Hindus have a focus on the confidence that there is a spiritual Universe energy that would ensure…



Flash flooding brought dark times and it could easily be experienced as a sort of environmental evil with such devastating destruction

But even for the Hindu devotee who looks an observes their lost possessions… as the deyas are lit, or thoughts of how they would have …

cleaned up as best as they good…they could notice how much more room and space there is for new possessions…new wealth and future prosperity

and a calm can come about even as it is difficult rebuilding after the flash flooding, because of the confidence the Hindu devotee would have especially it being Divali, that things would get better as

light overcomes darkness

goodness overcomes evil


Clay Deyas…hint hint

deyas are a part of the Hindu festival …guess what deyas are made from = clay. … guess where the clay comes from = no not Mother Laskhmi but Mother Earth

All Mothers worthy of honour…

Maybe as the Hindus on this Divali celebrate and invite Mother Lasskmi for blessings of wealth and prosperity another Mother would come to mind since the floods would have made it obvious that this mother, Mother Earth also impacts our belongings and possessions… and so many Hindus might also become

#gogreen devotees 

Sometimes you simply gotta shake your bodyline…

now let’s blend the music with the mind here…

Musically we had Trinbago songster Ola represent the Caribbean at X Factor UK… now how did he reach there if he himself did not “shake his bodyline”

Mentally our “bodyline” is an imaginary line  

that we sometimes draw… limiting where our body goes and what it does, might be in sports, some skill, going to a new place, a new job, or position at work, even a new sort of relationship…

but how could we experience the glory if we never …


As a therapist and life-coach it is sad, surprising and amazing how many of us believe in this…


Here is why we can NEVER (yes NEVER) WASTE TIME….

  1. While we separate time into parts for our discussion and convenience..time is ongoing…it ends when we move on from this life as we know it…time =the unlimited continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future  …..
  2. We place a limit on time because we have a boxed-in view of what is possible during what time period of our lives..yet if we are honest we know of people who prove differently and continue to do so..which brings us to the next reason
  3. We all spend/invest/use do with our time exactly what we choose to….for example..let us say we were waiting in line for somethings and then when we get to the front it says come back tomorrow …we might say it was a waste of time ..was it really? thing is we choose to use our time just as we wanted to…
  4. What then does waste mean? waste=use more of something than is necessary useful….as individuals we decide how much time we consider necessary and or useful…so when we make use of that amount of time what we do to say after that it was a waste of time is to disrespect our process
  5. To claim to waste time is to disown our unique life and experience and basically who we chose to be in our past and it just opens the gateway for regrets…
  6. Regrets are simply egocentric focused rantings that serve no purpose..egocentric…it is all about if “I” and “I” AND “i” and the I that we speak of chose, acted and decided in the past so why not just really respect the same “I” that we are now focused on…

For support in living in the present and becoming your best self…

WTH! you think…you have been dating and met quite a few potential partners then suddenly whoop! there it is or here it is …34 and single….

It helps to consider this;

  • you are not alone…unfortunately this is especially true according to statistics for black women
  • trends indicate that many women across ethnicity and countries are coupling/marrying later

It does not help that;

  • the social and familial pressures and expectations remain
  • there might be a personal desire or even life goal that can no longer be met especially if it was one of those SMART  goals set for between 30-35

Moving Beyond 34 and Single;

We each and every one of us would find ourselves on that part of social norms where we are applauded and made to feel good about ourselves and on that part of social norms where we are made to feel partly or feel disappointed or as if we have disappointed.

Create your own life…

“But more than this she did it her way!”….. think that is how the song goes…

shhhh….tell you a secret…the World cannot handle every woman becoming a radical and going against the norms..what would happen to our species … (secret finished) that being said we might be able to appreciate how the social pressures to couple and copulate are actually quite helpful and needful to our species…

It’s nothing personal….

so if you did wake up 34 and single or might be soon…here are some tips;

  • live your life to its fullest and be all you can be
  • understand that while we belong to groups and have things in common with our group in some ways we will be different and that’s okay
  • know that there are now lots more options for dating and mate selection in today’s World
  • if fertility and baby making is a concern there are lots of options for that as well…

and if need be …can always log on for a session or 2 to carryon living your best life and being your best you @