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Shadow of Soca… Soca was the musical genre and this artist like a shadow made his mark on his country…

Dat Soca Boat!

After the floods, some jokingly suggest the need for houses to become like boats…

But really even as this SOCA country cleans up from flooding…

What is the Soca Boat that matters NOW?… but the


OPERATIONS (another word for actions)



that citizens of this Soca Country hold?

Hopefully, all citizens would be thinking “I don’t wanna sink Dat Soca Boat” and so do their part in

behaviours operations attitudes thoughts

to reinforce the SOCA BOAT of Trinidad and Tobago


Man or woman or child some of us are daily making ourselves into  Ant Man…. we wake and we put on our Ant Man suit….

we have been bitten by that ANT …we watched it, we played with it and we knew it would happen and it did, we were bit by



Thought….. and everybody knows ANTs move in groups so soon enough one ANT led to




Syndrome…..and the more we practice being Ant Man  the more our biology changes and soon enough we would not need to even wake and put on our suit …we become the soon…and so we say ..we are

down in the dumps

feeling sad

feeling fed up

feeling depressed


and helpless….it all started with one ANT….

They say there is some real science behind the Ant Man film, the new one 

I cannot say yeah or nah..but I can tell you as a therapist that there is a real science to monitoring



Thought….. simply recognize that it is a thought..and let it come and go…and respond by




Positive……that positive thing can be an action…like snap ourselves with a rubber band, a phrase like “rewind” that reminds us to think a new thought more in keeping with reality and/or that is more positive, listen to positive music, or do something that relaxes us…

so whether you are going to watch

Be sure to watch your Positive Psychology ….Ant Man and Wasp….and if need be we can watch it with you

Dear Positive Psychology People, Whatsoever we believe as true becomes true. One main difference between those of us who CHOOSE daily 👣 to have our positive psychology turned on and those who do not…is the idea of getting ahead in life….. Who or what can truly stop us from getting ahead in life? Okay so some say my parents, others say the government, some say circumstances….but guess what the one thing that prevents us from getting ahead in life is OUR 👿💭 thoughts…Yes people can but obstacles…Yes we all have different life circumstances and some of us have come into tough circumstances…Yes people can be out to “get” us…yet it is for us to increase or decrease what is presented….and when we are blocked or feel blocked we can sit and have a PIT😢 Part😭 or we can accept that it is what it is and pull out our Positive Psychology…


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We are surrounded by a great SEA of Mind .. so says William Atkinson

And within this SEA swims the eggs and sperms that will eventually come together to become our thoughts

and so these thoughts can reproduce themselves being as they are within the SEA of the Mind

We are largely then what we have thought ourselves into being

And so we can give birth to being happy or being sad as we reflect on highlighted days like a Fathers Day of what we might have missed, not gotten, longed for, not said, did say to our fathers

altogether the choice is our which thoughts will be birthed

and even when birthed we have a choice to abort the thoughts and

adopt new ones that are healthy

Attune then your thoughts to

S successfulness

P positivity

E enthusiasm

R resilience

M momentum

or to your own individual SPERM

and make sure that you do all you can to maintain a healthy and high SPERM count so as to be able to birth the best possible reproductive thought WAVES over and over and over again 

Our Programming … those mental or software controls that shape our behaviour and attitudes and general approach to relationships and to life in general 

Sometimes we might complain of a repeated pattern in a relationship 

Sometimes we might complain of not knowing what else to do for our relationships to turn out differently 

The Solution:

New Desired Outcome New Required Programming